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Group size: 10-24
Duration (Group): 2 Days
Personal Sessions: 5 Days x 2 Hrs each

For, what is not a miracle, indeed? Once, you throb to the Rhythm of Primordial Infinity, everything you see, feel, hear, experience or know, become just that.


From the birds to the trees to the song in the wind; the birth of a child or the passing of a soul; the way the planets move around a glorious Sun; the way the electrons and protons and our physical bodies mimic that; The mandalas within the bosom of flowers and the cycle of water and the seasons; the music of bells and dancing feet;

The breath that is Prãna;
You, Me, this Life;
A Divine Miracle.


Mount Kailash, the Sahasrara or Seventh, Crown Chakra of Mother Earth’s Physical Body; also called The Navel of The Universe.

It was my second Kailash Manasarovar Yatra. Our group had completed the first day of Kora or Parikrama ( circumambulation of Mount Kailash ) and set base at the Diraphuk Gompha guesthouse (4890mt above sea level ).

After a year of yearning and waiting, I had returned; Home.

Setting up my video camera, I perched on the spiral staircase in the veranda, to capture the spectacular sunset gold on the Holy Mount’s crest, just like the rest. Panning the Great Mountain’s overpowering North Face, I noticed an outline, etched by the untamed elements of the region, into the snow on Kailash.

He was dancing. Nataraja, I smiled!

As I zoomed in with my camera, within seconds, it seems, I lost all Conscious Awareness of time, place or being. Numb in the sensation of being sucked into the blazing core of a brilliant pillar of fire, I remember hearing a thumping hum that swelled and ebbed in rhythm, like the sea. Even in that State, I recall being surprised that the ‘fire’ was not instantly devouring me to ash! In fact, it felt like Light, if one can feel Light!

I do not know how long this lasted, but, when I returned to physical awareness, the display screen on my Sony was still at maximum optical zoom and I could still see The Dance.

A Sea of DNA Helix filled the screen.
No Beginning or End; just a continuous flow. Sparkling, pulsating and throbbing to a sublime UnSound. My tongue was too mesmerised to talk. Yet, the mind, now sharply back in focus, started to Play. I moved the camera up and down, in a slow pan and my Core began to go very, very Still.
The Dance Of DNA was in the Seven Layered hues of THE CHAKRAS.

It all started to form a precise geometry now… Nataraja, The Dance, The DNA, The VIBGYOR, The Vibration. Understanding of What I was Witness to, began to unfold.
Right there was the DNA Within Kailash! The DNA of All that is, was or ever will be; And not. The Absolute essence of Spanda - The Cosmic Eternal Vibration at Play.
Right there was the SOUND . ENERGY . CONSCIOUSNESS WELLBEING Shrishti (projection), Sthiti (maintenance), Samhara (withdrawal), Vilaya (concealment of the real nature) and Anugraha (grace).

Right there was The Infinite Cosmic Shiva

In those moments I was, at once, Seeing; and the Object of my Seeing. I was the Experiencer, the Experience and the Witness. I was listening to the UnSound; and I WAS the UnSound.

I was being blessed with the Primordial Source of All; yet, I was That very Same Primordial Source mySelf.

I had received a glimpse of The Pratham Naãd. And yes, I am That very Same, PrathamNaãd.

Later that night, I would be woken up at 3:40am and called outdoors. I found out, later that the temperature that night was a minus 12 degrees Celsius!

In the spontaneous meditation that followed, SHOONYAM SOUND . ENERGY . CONSCIOUSNESS WELLBEING and the entire structure of PRATHAM NAÃD was communicated to me exactly as I offer it to you, now. The original DNA video forms part of the Process and I am blessed to be able to share it with so many.The musical layers and sounds added to the meditation guidance are what I found closest in this world, to my experiences that day, in That Realm.

I express my gratitude to you, who Journey to us, to receive PRATHAM NAÃD . We may be the channel but if you are here, PRATHAM NAÃD IS YOURS.

I remain indebted that I can offer it to you.
- Anoopama Mukerjee.Lohana

Workshop Structure

PRATHAM NAÃD is structured to lead your Consciousness, gently, methodically, and safely to its Highest Cosmic Possibility.
In these two days, you will actually and Experientially Know Who You Are, Where You Come From and What is Your Soul Purpose.

An immersion that is a direct revelation of The Cosmic All, PRATHAM NAÃD leads your Consciousness, gently, methodically, and safely to its Highest Cosmic Possibility.
Break past the limitations of your karmas and baggage, Recognise and Activate your Ori’Gene’ and Embrace a Life that is Magnificent, Limitless and Abundant, in ways you could never imagine.
For once, you are wholly and completely your True Cosmic Self;
Nothing is impossible. And Everything is Bliss.


Recognise your Journey
  • Participant Introductions – Your Physical Identity
  • Introduction to Naãd and Pratham Naãd
  • Understanding the need to Know Your Cosmic Identity
  • 7 min meditative visualisation to Expand Awareness and RECOGNISE the possibility of what lies ahead.

Restructure your Physical, Mental and Subtle body’s Energetic Arrangement to receive, retain and utilise the Powerful Revelation of Your Cosmic Identity
  • BreathFlow & Mudras
  • Sãtvik Food
  • Q & A

Remember you are more than just this body
  • Soul Introductions - Unique participant Interaction
  • The Same Divine in Everyone – then why are we so different? - open forum


Return to your COSMIC SOURCE
  • Breath work, Mudras and preparation

Transcend to Your Highest Possibility and Accept your Cosmic Identity
  • Integration with the Present Being & Realm – in Silence
  • Written Assimilation – participants pen down their experience and understanding on formatted sheets

Transform your life
  • Participant Sharing
  • What has changed? - an interactive session

Embrace The Magnificence
  • Applying your new Identity to real Life
  • Empowered & Excelling not Entrapped ( in Ego of This Magnificence )
  • Embrace Life as Divine
  • Living in Constant Connectedness - an interactive session

Your Workshop Includes

  • Handspun Cotton Meditation shawl
  • 1 Sphatik & Rudraksha Beads Maala to wear during the workshop and take home as a Repository of the Cosmic Energy you accrue during Your PRATHAM NAÃD Soul Journey. These materials are excellent conductors of Cosmic and Vibrational Energy and retain Energy for very long. You may choose to wear this during meditation or Spiritual Practices later
  • Homemade, organic Welcome beverages
  • Lunch
  • Evening beverages and snack

The Transformation

  • An active, Conscious Awareness of Your Ori‘gene’; the Sacred Knowledge of your Source Energy.
    One of the biggest Identity issues Man has is Who am I ? Where do I come from? What is my Soul Purpose?
    Knowing The Source Energy, transcends Your Awareness of the Self to its Highest Potential.
  • Understanding your Past & Present Life situations, choices, personality, path etc. in relation to the Source Energy.
    Many of your Life questions will get answered and make a Pattern Sense, based on your Source Aspect. You begin to understand why things happen the way they do, what kind of choices work best for you, and most importantly, the priorities for the Future. Once you begin to recognise the Purpose of This Life, Your Journey becomes ‘W’holistically meaningful. And we do put in our best and excel at those that hold personal meaning for us, don’t we?
  • Shedding of Conscious, SubConscious and UnConscious Karmic bonds and baggage that may be holding you back from reaching your Highest Potential in Personal, Professional and Spiritual aspects / roles. Much of these karmic bonds manifest as health or emotional hurdles that You can now, in Awareness, begin to cleanse and heal.
  • Taking Control and Being Accountable to Your Self
    Success and Fulfilment follows spontaneously when you accept that You alone are the pilot of This Journey that You have Chosen. You find yourself more adept and Balanced in all kinds of Life situations.
  • A Higher Connectedness in your relationships with Your Self and to People and Things around You. And at the same time, an ability to truly relate to relationships, fully, wholly and sincerely, without getting entangled in them. Allowing Relationships to help those in it with you to grow in their Journey as you in your’s.
  • Immense Energetic and Physical Empowerment with the BreathFlows and Mudras taught during the Workshop. Regular practice enhances physical and mental health, wellbeing and wellness.
  • Enhanced Intuition, Perception and Manifestation capacities. Make Great Things Happen!
    YES! Once you begin to live in alignment with the Cosmic Source Energy, your own Chakras and Energy Body System and The Manifest World, a wonderful synchronicity and symbiosis exists.
    For example, you will begin to notice subtle and direct ‘ signs’ as answers and directions to problems; delightful ‘coincidences’ that bring required people, resources, means to your doorstep; telepathic communication with loved ones… for indeed, what is not magical?
    Of course, these gifts come into your life with their set of responsibilities and you must make a pact with your Highest Self to use these judiciously and for noble ends.
  • Enhanced Mystic & Psychic Energies that assist in your Meditative and Spiritual evolution. A Sacred gift, especially for Yogis, Sãdhaks, Mystic workers, healers, psychics etc.

  • We look forward to walking this Sacred Journey with you.

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