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Group size: 10-24
Duration: 1 Day

The ParaÃdyaShakti TRANSFORMATIONAL WORKSHOP FOR WOMEN is an Intensively Charged Module, structured to be a veritable Power Dose. After all, You, the Feminine Divine is a rather Intense Force !

ParaÃdyaShakti focusses on Awakening You Within and Without, physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually,
to manifest Your Shakti,
Your Innate Divine Feminine,
in all that you do.

Only when you are Aware and in Control
of Who You are, Internally,
can you then, effectively influence
people, relationships and life situations

Blessed and supervised by The Primordial Mother, IN HER innumerable Aspects – from the Fearsome Terrible to Benevolent, Cradling Grace, this transformational experience is specially revealed, so You Connect with Your Infinite Potential as a Woman…

You are Shakti. You ARE SHE.

Workshop Structure

  • Participant Introductions
  • Program and Content introduction
  • Defining the Primordial Doer Energy or ParaÃdyaShakti – The Causative Source
  • Identifying THE ONE FOCAL SPOT in your Life that you feel the need to shed / transform / empower
  • 10 minute water / loo break
  • PRÂNA SHAKTI AWAKENING – Tides of Ida, Pingala and Sushumna ( Yin Yang and Neutral Energy ) & The FIVE VITAL LIFEBREATHS OR VÂYUS
    Learn how Your Feminine Energy System is Naturally Empowered to draw on Her Own Prâna Shakti. This Yogic Awakening Process involves simple Breath Work, Energy Channeling and Mantra Resonance to empower each of us to train, tune and tap our Essential Goddess Energy through our own Prâna .
  • CHAKRA EMPOWERMENT WITH CRYSTAL BOWL MUSIC, MUDRAS & BreathFlow - UNDERSTANDING CHAKRAS IN THE FEMININE ENERGY SYSTEM First, know this; The Chakras in Women are potentially more ‘active’ most of the time, naturally. That is just how we are made. In moving away from our natural state, to urban / modern lifestyles, we have forgotten to remain connected to the powerhouse of Potential within.
    Additionally, the clarity of each Chakra and its role are often jumbled up because of our myriad thoughts, emotions, role playing and changing priorities.
    The Feminine Chakra Empowerment Process in this program focusses specially on the Mooladhar ( Root ), Swadhishthan ( Navel ) Manipura ( Solar Plex ) Anahata ( Heart ) and Sahasrara ( Crown Chakra )

  • • Analysing & Internalising Your Divine Shakti Energy Shift
  • Participant experience sharing
  • Summary


Lasya - A Spontaneous musical expression of The Feminine Primordial – sing, dance, laugh, cry together;
Unabashed, un evaluated.
Celebrate the Goddess that You Are.


  • Exclusive, Handcrafted, Shree Yantra Meditation Mat
  • Sphatik ( clear river crystal ) and uncut Ruby beads on red thread These will be used during your ParaÃdyaShaktiTM
    Awakening and will hence be consecrated with the Energy Fields you manifest.
    You may use these for your Spiritual Practices, Meditation etc. later
  • Organic Welcome beverages
  • wholesome, vegetarian Lunch
  • Evening beverages and snacks


  • Accept and Acknowledge the Manifest Divine Feminine that You Are.
    Once you wake up to your Cosmic Potential and Reality, the entire aura that makes you, You will transform into Divine Radiance.
  • Radiate and Glow with an Inner Brilliance. The BreathFlow, mudras, energetic activations taught during Your ParaÃdyaShakti Workshop, on regular practice, translates into a very physical benefit that everyone will notice! You Glow! Yes, the effects are visible on your skin, hair, in the radiance of your eyes, in the grace of a smile that comes from deep within. A Soul Spa, of sorts!
  • Transcend to a Space of True Prakriti ( Nature) Power, who can effectively change, improve, channel and nurture situations into their Highest Potentials at home and at work. Understand the capacity you have to do this.
  • Empowered and Balanced in all relationships, with YourSelf as well as all the people, situations and things around you.
  • Metal, Emotional, Spiritual grounding that naturally reflects in all your thoughts, expressions, actions and reactions.
  • Energised wellness, wellbeing and health.
  • Improved and effective communication skills.
  • Blossoming of Arts, hobbies and a Gush of Creativity in everything you do.

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