The First Song

then, one day, as the night
into dew drenched
He gave us
from Which was born
a world,
our world and the Elements Five;
hushed, at first,
an Eternal
had wound Its soul around All
there was;
till earth and sky, the Elements Five,
had trembled
with delight;
yet, soon, it was
That Song Divine
was Source
and Echo Infinite;
a drop it was
and all the Oceans
all Creation and Spring
sang He
and Aum
will Be
Aum. Aum. Aum

Naãd, the Primodial UnSound; and Spanda, the Cosmic Vibrations born of that UnSound, emerged from ParãShiva and dissolved into Him;
only to emerge yet again; and again.... Aum. Aummmm Ommm Om... and out of these sparkling, pure waves of Divine Energy were born Music and Song.

Thus, say the Puranas and Kashmiri Shaivism texts, Shiva the Cosmic Primordial, became Lord of Rhythm and Dance.
These post Vedic texts speak of how Shiva crafted the Rudra Veena, an exquisite musical instrument, to lure the sweetest songs from its strings
and woo His Beloved Sati. From these Eternal Songs, it is said, was born all Creation.
Oh! how melodious are we, then! Born, as we are, of Shiva’s LoveSongs!


Sacred Sound Baths
Cosmic Rhythms & Beats
Crystal Vibrations

Workshop Category

Group size: Min 10
Duration: 2 Hrs

A rare, Deep Healing & Transcendental Immersion that throbs with Sound & Vibrational Earth Energy, BreathFlow & Light. This Unique Energy Grid, invoked by Anoopama Mukerjee Lohana, combines Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls, Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and PureAlloy Gongs. Each, individually crafted for its resonance with the Chakras, Endocrinal Glands & Our Subtle Energy Systems.

The Sacred NAÃD SPANDA Sounds are woven with Chants, MahãMantras, Seed Sounds ( Beeja ), Shlokas and Scientific Sound and Music Beats played within Personalised Grids of Rare Crystals, Minerals and Gems, gifted from the womb of Sacred Mother Earth.

The Vibrations of Sacred Healing have lived for centuries in these Living Bowls and Musical Instruments. They been created over millions of years within these Crystals & Minerals that Anoopama handpicks and sources from ancient sites, mostly in the Lofty Snowlines of the Himalayas ~ The World’s most Sacred Mountains, revered as Living Repositories of Deep and Spiritual Energies.

SOUND SCIENCE & HEALING – Timeless Transcendence

Naãd Yoga and Ritam Bhara Pragya – the two ancient Indian systems of Transcending through Sound are the foundation of NAÃDSPANDA.

Naãd Yoga channels Sound into The Internal Anãhata or Anãhata Naãd, and External Ãhata. The Inner sound is sacred and individual to every Thing and Being. And every Thing and Being is in constant communication and relationship with each other, through this Anãhata.

Ritam (rhythm), Bhara (full of), Pragya (mind) or the ‘Mind Full with Cosmic Rhythm’. is the Transcendental State of Seekers and Yogis and Enlightened Souls; where the mortal thought is synchronous with the Infinite Order of the Universe. The State of Being when the microcosm and macrocosm are in coherence with each other.

Our Consciousness is the Silence or UnSound in That State of Infinite Possibilities. The Fleeting Pause between the Disturbed External and the Undisturbed Internal, is RithamBhara Pragya. Here, manifestation becomes powerful, and one starts experiencing spontaneous fulfilment of desires.
This Knowledge, that sound impacts health and state of the Body, Mind, Soul or Spirit is not new. Sacred Sounds and Musical Instruments and Chanting have been part of Native Healing in almost all cultural traditions.

The Ancients were so tuned to the Vibrational Signatures of Everything, from our human selves to Nature and all the Elements of Existence, that they crafted alloys and instruments that could reflect and recreate these vibrations, frequencies and waves of Cosmic Sound Energy. They decoded the cryptic Secrets of Sound and noted its effects on everything and every aspect of human life.

Yogic Sutras of yore combined Sacred Sounds with BreathFlow, Mudras and Bandhas to imprint, synch and elevate Vibrational Signatures of the Human BeingTotality.

Modern Science accepts that Sound and Vibration are the core Communication tools of all things and beings that exist. Modern study of Sound has revealed to us the Knowledge of therapeutic, meditative sound waves and beats that affect particular cells, organs and states of Body, Mind and Consciousness!

When we learn to Consciously regulate the sounds we make through the use of Rhythm Mantra and Breath, we can imprint profound effects on our health and WellBeing.

The ability we have to affect our immune system through our thoughts and emotions has been scientifically documented. Mantra, Rhythm, and Breath used together can create a healing response in the immune system.

Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of the connection between the mind & emotions and the endocrine, nervous & immune systems. The link between these body systems and our sensations, thoughts, and emotions, is the limbic system which is made up of the hypothalamus, pituitary, and pineal glands. Rhythm Mantra and Breath are interpreted like a code by the hypothalamus.

There is a special connection between the higher functions of the pineal gland and the use of the Breath. When the breath is very slow (4 breaths per minute or less), a channel is opened by the hypothalamus between the pituitary and pineal glands. This releases an “inner nectar” or amrit that activates and accelerates the entire nervous system. Vitality and healing cascade through all levels of the Body Mind and Soul. Nerves, muscles, and glands are at peak performance.

Rhythm Mantra and Breath are the conductors of a Symphony and YOU are the Music Maker. You can change the notes of the symphony, to create chords of happiness, sadness, vitality, or calmness. This capacity is inherent in our design and requires no special drug or belief. This process of creation exists because every one of our molecules is in communication with every cell and thought.

There are eighty-four meridian points on the upper palate. Each stroke of Breath and the tongue touching these meridian points, is like a beat of a mallet that releases waves of neuro-chemical messages to activate the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland commands all the other glands, which in turn, regulate our immune function, emotions and a whole intricate pattern of your entire Body Works!

The world’s Awareness of the Self as the BeingTotality and Wellness as a Mind Body Soul WellBeing grows every day and it is no surprise that the ancient tradition of Living Rhythm with The Cosmic UnSound is seeing a modern-day renaissance.

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Anoopama’s NAÃDSPANDA Immersion is truly a one-of-its-kind Consciousness Experience. She combines the vibrant elements of Sacred Sounds, Gentle Guided BreathFlow and Crystal Energy to lead your Consciousness, very naturally, to a State of Awareness and Awakening. Transcending you to your Highest Rhythmic State, in Absolute synch with the Infinite ParãNaãd – The Cosmic UnSound.

NAÃDSPANDA naturally and spontaneously activates and aligns the Energies of your Chakras and your entire BeingTotality.

At a Physical, obvious level, NAÃDSPANDA elevates your Body Mind Soul Wellness to its best. An almost immediate feeling of wellness and Physical, Emotional and Mental detox is activated.

The radiance and efficacy of Your Endocrinal System and Immunity are heightened, Energy levels soar and response and retention facilities like expression, communication, eyesight, memory improves.
At a far deeper level, in the NAÃDSPANDA States of Awareness and Transcendence, one is empowered to release genetic / karmic / manifested patterns of tension, trauma, relationships, stress and illness. It helps release blockages, and restore the natural flow of healthy LifeVibration Within and Around your Body, Mind and Soul.

In the Vedas, this Awareness is broadly explained as The State where Only Truth is Known. It is said that if one can be Balanced, Aware and Conscious of this State, any desire can be manifested, and one may experience Siddhis or Extra Sensory Perceptions and Clarity ( telepathy, reverse telepathy, spontaneous fulfilment of desires, meaningful coincidences, synchrodestiny, clairvoyance, lifetime memories and regression or progression through Infinite Time Space Realm Continuums )

But, in Truth, NAÃDSPANDA must not been invoked for these tiny manifestations! These may emerge and dissolve as per your individual Soul Journey. Allow them in and move ahead, for The Revelation of your own Cosmic Infinity and the ability to hold that Absolute Balance is the true gift.

In touch with your Infinite Rhythm, can you be anything but the Blissful Best at every Moment, in every Breath, through every Aspect and Expression of your Life?


SHOONYAM brings you exuberant sound sessions facilitated and guided by Sound Therapists, Gong Masters and Vibrational Healers who invoke the Healing of Sound globally.
Any of these Healing Sound Offerings may be combined with Asanas, BreathFlow and Mudras to become Powerful WellBeing Tools for all age groups and genres. They work perfectly on their own and can also be infused into any other Wholistic Wellness Activity, Retreat or Program.

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