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Group size: 10-30
Duration: 2 Days

Pranaam, to all our Elders.
You held our hands, before they let go, to guide our first steps;
You gurgled with our gibberish and indulged us with dreams;
You laughed at our frolic and shed tears for our pain;
You gave us a tinsel wings, yet fettered your hearts remained;
You judge and chide and warn us, though only for our gain;
You pour us your life breath, but is it all in vain?

Dear, dear Senior Parents and Aunts and Uncles and Neighbours and In Laws and Friends and Colleagues and Bosses … Yes, You Matter.
Beyond us, before us, you matter; TO YOU.

So. You have ‘retired’, or soon will, from professional life? So. You have crossed over to the other side of sixty? And So! Life seems so different, does it?

There is too much time in your hands, yet hardly any with the ones you want most… your children or grandchildren. Your vast pool of experience is being edged out by new schools and a brash generation x. The help at home, brings you your newspaper last. And the weekend plans do not include you and the spouse at all.

All of a sudden, you seem to be losing your presence, your power, YOUR RELEVANCE.

Generation after generation the gap seems smugly in place.
Eastern Culture, for the longest time, revered the progress in years as an accumulation of wisdom, experience, knowledge and understanding. Seniors in the family, community or sect were respected and their opinions held high.

Probably why, the Elders in these cultures were not afraid of aging. Not afraid of being sent to old age homes. Not obsessed with looking younger and defying wrinkles!

In a global, fast paced world,
cultures are more fluid and osmotic.
We have begun to identify the entire existence of a person
with material, physical and power centric attributes, assets or roles.
Senior Adults are beginning to feel
the pressures of a world
that seems to be leaving them behind.

But is it, really ? Or have you chosen to stop walking ahead?

We, at SHOONYAM, wish to offer you a hand, just like you held our’s in toddlerhood. We invite you to walk with us on an enriching Journey to your Self, your worth; Your Relevance. On that Path, we want to hear what you think and feel; what you cherish and bear; what joys you seek and where it hurts; on that Path, together, we will create a Sacred and Wholistic way to Embrace the Transition from Power to Peace.



Rewind . Remember . Let Go

  • Workshop Introduction – what are we trying to achieve?
  • Participant Introductions – interactive session
  • Senior Adult Wholistic Health & Wellness – tips and discussions
  • Lunch break
  • Chanting Circle
  • Rewind Remember Let Go Meditative WalkThrough – a gentle SoulWork that guides you through important phases of life from the moment of your birth to the present, assisting your Soul to express gratitude and untie bonds / baggage of the past and Liberate the present.
  • Tea break
  • Understanding ‘Granthis’ or knots that we create in our Life Pattern
  • Q&A open forum
  • Sing along –music session

  • DAY 2

    • Pranayama & Om Chanting
    • Your Profession or Role in the Family is not WHO you are
    • Issues of Irrelevance
    • Expressions of the Soul – Creative Session
    • Lunch break
    • Making Yourself Matter to YOU
    • Accepting the changes in your Physical Body
    • Spiritual & Philosophical Empowerment
    • Q&A open forum
    • Summary and Wrap up

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