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Group size: Min 15
Duration: 1-2 Days

CHAKRA LIFESOURCE© introduces you to more than just the 7 populist chakras. We focus on mapping the whole intricate way in which the entire Cosmos expresses itself in and around our Body and Being in a Splendorous System of CHAKRAS – front, back and Transpersonal Chakras ( those that throb outside the physical body ), PRÃNA - VAYUS – IDA PINGALA SUSHUMNA, KOSHAS ( Energetic Sheaths ) AND The Bio-Energetic Field that we call AURA.

The 7 CHAKRAS are common knowledge today ( and a multi billion dollar publishing module !). Actually, these 7 are the ambassadors of thousands of chakras or energy vortexes within and outside our physical being.

Connect with the Cosmic Energy System of your Body and Learn Yogic Processes to activate, channelise and harness it. Understand how this Energy System and its implications ordain almost all aspects of Your personal and professional life.

Learn the theory, Absorb gems from ancient and modern Sciences & Knowledge and Experience Powerful Chakra Meditations, Activations, Visualisation and Beej Mantras to take your personal practice to a higher level.

This Module Introduces you to The Cosmic Energy that you Are as quantified by Consciousness Sciences and by Yogic and Transcendental Methods.


What, really and without the frills, is chakra meditation or Awareness all about? To most uninitiated, it may seem too “out there” and beyond the reaches of a ‘normal, run of the mill, work a day life’!

Maybe not.

Don’t all of us feel like we never have enough energy, never enough time? Do external stimuli hold the control of your peace or satisfaction? Do we suffer from fatigue and allergies and common ailments constantly?

Do we really connect with our SELF on a daily basis? Do you pay attention to even one breath?

Knowing and Balancing your chakras
to tune out distractions and tune into your Body,
may be the first step to feeling better at all levels.
This is probably one of the simplest and best ways
to find Balance in your body, mind & soul.
This ancient practice
is now gaining recognition and support from modern science.

To list a few benefits of Chakra Awareness and Activation:
  • A clearer and more positive outlook in your thought processes and perception.
  • A Clearer and Uncluttered understanding of events and behaviours.
  • An Increased Responsiveness and Controlled Reaction to Life Situations at Work and on the Personal front.
  • Increased concentration, awareness and memory.
  • eightened creativity, better resourcefulness because of better perception.
  • Better and deeper sleep; awake more refreshed in the morning and overall health will also benefit by getting deeper sleep.
  • Reduction of stress in all areas of your life because you will have better control over your emotions and better patience.
  • Improved overall health and well-being. It helps to lower blood pressure which in turn can help prevent strokes and heart disease. It will also alleviate the stress effect on people suffering from chronic illnesses.
  • A balanced and harmonious interdependent functions of the body’s major chakras with one another is obtained. With that, the whole body’s biological, emotional, and spiritual aspects become more nourished and balance the body cleansing physical, emotional and spiritual toxins.
  • Increased awareness and openness to Psychic and Spiritual Information.
  • Faster and greater ability to heal your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Issues.
  • Transform weaknesses into strengths.
  • Easier Release of Non Supportive Patterns.
  • Increased Passion for Life.
  • Experience the Power of living Present in the Now.
  • Overcome boredom by infusing spirit into mundane.
  • Become comfortable facing uncertainty by tapping into the stability of your Self.
  • Increased manifesting ability to create what You want in life.
  • Access financial wisdom.
  • Enjoy healthy and loving relationships.
  • Greater pleasure and enjoyment in life.
  • Realization of your self worth.
  • Make clear choices that reflect who You are.
  • Self confidence to accept and express yourself.
  • Ease in experiencing Love and forgiveness of self and others.
  • Access inspiration to turn dreams into reality.
  • Awareness and dedication to your Highest life path.
  • Increase the health and strength of your immune system.
  • Recognition and increase intuition.
  • Express and release emotions in a healthy manner.
  • Increased personal integrity.
  • Attain self mastery.
  • Access your inner wisdom.
  • Enjoy the clarity of a focused mind.
  • Abundant inner guidance by maintaining a strong connection to Source.
  • Live your Highest Life Path.
  • Tap into your Will Power.
  • Clear communication of your heart and mind.
  • Experience the power of being grounded in physical and your Spiritual Higher Self simultaneously.

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