FreeSpirit Retreat
Connect with Sacred Earth Creative Energy

Workshop Category

Group size: 6-20
Duration: 1-2 Days

When we recognise
the virtues, the talent, the beauty
of Mother Earth,
something is born in us,
some kind of connection;
love is born.
~Thich Nhat Hanh

One way to spontaneously connect with our Higher Self; to be present, centered and complete in the moment; to calm the breathlessness of our external life, is to return, once in a while, to the embrace of Our Sacred Mother Earth.

Mother Nature liberates! When you sing with Her songs, dance to Her drums, breathe Her life breath and Create patterns of Her weave… She reciprocates. She heals.

She is the Earth Goddess and Our Sacred Earth is Her Temple.
is a FreeSpirit, Outdoor Retreat,
designed to unshackle the Creator Energies of
Mother Earth within you.
By nature, it especially resonates
with those in creative roles
like writers, artists, poets, musicians, singers,
film advertising & media persons, architects, designers etc.

But, even if you think you have never expressed
any ‘creative’ act or hobby, ever;
that you have no creative strand in your being,
Come, Experience BHOOMI
to know that the very act of Living
is a creative expression of God.

Every word you speak, creates images; every relationship you engage, creates patterns; every time you make a presentation, cook, sew, clinch the billion dollar deal, teach your children, dress up your home or yourself, communicate with a colleague, gift or receive… everything you express, is Created.

And, of course, what are you doing in your hopes and wishes and dreams ?

Cradled in serene niches that spell Nirvana, BHOOMI Retreats offer you the perfect opportunity to delve and discover your own truths or maybe find a few new ones! Immerse yourself into a Sacred Flow of Simple, Eco sensitive living, Yogic Breathing, gentle Asanas and Mudras, Nature Ceremonies, Healing Meditations, Sounds, Music and Artistic Expressions to sensitise, inspire and reinvent you in Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul.

Woven as a magical flow of sharing, experiencing and expressions… be it the crisp, sun kissed mornings, a Silent Art camp amidst the pure sounds of Nature, an Ayurvedic class before a group cook – and- eat picnic, an evening of Chakra Dance and moonlit Singing Bowl therapy or Poetry meditation by a gushing river…

BHOOMI is Your Creative Journey that begins with a soft, deep inhale of Prãna.

BHOOMI Retreats are chaperoned by impeccable planning, small groups, exotic and exciting stay options / camp sites ( of varying and bespoke grades ) , personal attention, hygienic amenities, sumptuous, organic meals and passionately crafted activities and interactions.

Being a FreeSpirit Retreat, each itinerary is unique and eclectic.

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