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Group size: Min 12
Duration: Variable

May the Light of countless galaxies,
fill Your Core with Bliss;
So it may pour unendingly
as Shine
upon your skin;
May the Moon and Sun
glow night and day
between the swirling veils
of lashes;
May your Body & Being
be, verily,
the Lifebreath of Ma Prakriti;
And, may your vigour be
The Everlasting
Infinite He;

Adorned thus,
from deep Within,
May you walk forever
In Timeless Beauty

Beauty, In ancient Wisdom, is not merely the physical projection of a person on the outside. The Charaka Saṃhitā and the Suśruta-Saṃhitā of Ayurveda, in fact, talk of the outward appearance or skin as Rasasãra ~ a Sanskrit word that translates as ‘the skin’ or ‘the cream which rises to the top’.

What we look like, on the outside, is a reflection of all that we consume emotionally, orally and through the skin dermis. The skin, or our outer Beauty, is indeed, a mirror that reflects what’s going on deep within the Body Mind Soul, BeingTotality.

Beauty, grooming and looking your best, is in no way, a domain of the fairer sex. Look at Nature; it’s the boys who wear the brightest plumes!

SHOONYAM offers Beauty Wellness & Radiance Rituals drawn from ancient Ayurveda and sometimes from exotic traditional cultures around the world, for Men and Women.


Welcome to a world of Wholistic Beauty Regimes that are graceful and gentle on your Body Mind Soul;
And on Mother Earth too.

A heady mix of information, beauty, wellness & grooming secrets and creative, hands-on trials for both, men and women, to begin your personal Journey to a Wholistically Beautiful You.

Believe it or not, but you will discover that certain BreathFlow and Mudras can actually give you Radiant Beauty or Fabulous Skin! That, a certain asana and kriya will keep those tresses intact and the grey away!
Discover Ancient Secrets and Ways to the Real Beautiful You; Radiant, Glowing and turning heads; from the Inside Out! Understand how you can enhance and preserve your physical Radiance and Youth, more effectively, when you work on your Self from Inside. Learn how Mother Nature’s gifts of essential oils or waters, crystals and gems, herbs, flowers and even charcoal, minerals and ash can work miracles on skin, sheen, teeth, youth, hair, weight and more!

Ayurveda ~ Beauty Naturally

Everyone is Beautiful.

But such has society moulded out perceptions, that we thrust labels to even what Nature has created - perfection in each face and body that walks this Earth.

We pamper ourselves with creams and lotions and serums and packs, to be more beautiful… to stay young and blemish free. Over the years, adding only chemicals and toxins into our system that have harmful side effects.
Today, more and more folks are waking up to the idea of bringing out the best in their appearance through forgotten and Wholistic Beauty & Bath Secrets of yore! Suddenly, the kitchen is the new Spa and Granny’s little tips are all the fad!

The concept of using herbs, spices, plants and floral essences, extracts and products for beauty is elaborately and scientifically explained in Ayurveda. In fact, since Ancient times, India has been the most Worshipped Temple of Beauty.

Our ancient Ayurvedic Cosmetology, described in immense detail, in Charaka Saṃhitā and Suśruta-saṃhitā is a Living Wholistic Lifestyle Science of alternation of appearance and modification of beauty.

According to Ayurveda, the human body functions through various channel systems called Srotamsi, containing both microscopic and macroscopic structures such as the respiratory system, lymphatic/ circulatory system, reproductive system and nervous systems, among others.

These channels function as innumerable psycho-biological processes such as enzyme production, neuro-transmitter secretion, hormonal intelligence, respiratory capacity and digestive assimilation/ elimination, immune power etc. and are responsible for wellness and beauty.

Our Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic Channels or Anatomies act in symphonic concert with one another. Genetics, lifestyle - unhealthy food choices, stress or environmental influences and pollutions at all levels, cause weak chinks in the BeingTotality. This Ama or toxins of unprocessed physical, mental and energetic deposits cloud the psycho-biological cellular intelligence and affect bodily lustre and beauty.


Embark upon your Wholistic Beauty & Wellness Journey on a once in a life time trip to some of India's most organic and beautiful Ayurveda Resorts and Villages. In these idyllic settings, cradled in unspoilt nature, often surrounded by acres of farmlands or sprawling jungles, everything seems more receptive and open.

On Retreat, you will be gently and personally engaged in Ayurvedic consultations with certified Vaidyas or Ayurvedic Doctors who will prescribe herbs and treatments specifically for you.

Wake up to a sunrise over picturesque hills or mountains ( or rivers and seas ) to daily yoga and meditation. Understand yourself inside out, with personal lifestyle and fitness evaluation and learn about the ancient Indian Sciences of Healing, Wellness and Beauty through talks, workshops, lectures on Ayurveda and feast your creative juices with Ayurvedic Cooking, Seasonal / Body Type Diet, Raw Food and Correct Cooking counselling and Ayurvedic Nutrition.

Learn how to blend your own Oils & Elixirs, how to use your kitchen and groceries for glowing skin and lustrous tresses!

Our SACRED BEAUTY RETREATS cajole you to embrace Mother Nature… Calming and detox meditations and healing on nature trails; Breathing in Nature’s LifeBreath amidst waterfalls and Music Therapies; Learning a Facial Massage Ritual under a Full moon … how can you not radiate after this ?

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