Once the stillness comes into your life, then the mind also becomes absolutely still. When your mind becomes still, your intelligence explodes.

There is something else which needs to be looked at beyond the dimension of the body and mind.

If that dimension is not experienced; once you have come in the human form, if you do not experience yourself beyond this body and mind, I would say this human form has been wasted upon you. Because to eat, sleep, reproduce and die one day, you don’t need this kind of a body, you don’t need this kind of intelligence.

~ Sadhguru


To be Aware is to be Alive.

Without Awareness, we are merely machines functioning far short of our Complete Potential. This Awareness is born, not in our gross, sensory hemispheres, but in the Subtler Sheaths inwards; into our Core Being.

Inward is not a direction,
inward is a Realm;
a whole implosive Dimension.

Our Ancients were great scientists and visualisers, with perceptions beyond what you and I can even imagine. They accepted and surrendered to the Infinite, in ways that empowered them to access Inner Technologies of the BeingTotality. And all Seers, Masters and Ascended Souls have reminded us, constantly, to BREATHE. MEDITATE. BE.

Whatever your reason, when you become meditative, you will begin to notice changes. You will begin to Awaken to a new identity in Body Mind and Soul. Perhaps, your intellectual capabilities will increase multi fold, or you may begin to handle the ups and lows of life in a more balanced way. You may Experience Realms and Knowledge from Consciousness Dimensions. Not because meditation makes you magically perceptive or intelligent, but because meditation clears up the clutter! As your meditation practice deepens, the clarity and expansion of your Self becomes more and more powerful. It shows you things more and more clearly.

To many, Meditation comes naturally.
It can emerge out of many Paths;
Gyan or the Path of Knowledge,
Bhakti or The Path of Unconditional Surrender,
Anubhuti or Experiential Revelations - and more.
Some learn it, out of curiosity or sensing an untold pang
for Something Higher and Beyond.

You do not have to be a certain kind of person, or not be a certain kind! You do not need to look, act, behave in any particular way! Especially, please, you do not have to label yourself as a “practising spiritual person” or not! Who you are, on the Outside, will truly reveal, once The Infinity of The Inner You Emerges.

Changes that may occur then, in your lifestyle or food habits, in your responses and views, in your reactions and tolerance, in your judging or dropping all judgment completely, in your perceptions of limitations, in the expanding connection with all beings and things around… will unfold, whorl by whorl, naturally.

The Methods of Meditation are almost as infinite as the Infinity it reveals to you! There will be some that resonate with you. Others that do not. Try not to exhaust yourself on rationalising everything. Because this is a Body Mind Soul Journey that is entirely and Wholly, Yours; and Yours Alone. It is not a pose or state to achieve perfection in. Meditation is an Ever-Blossoming Expansion and Dissolution. And That is its Perfection.

Follow the Voice Within and you will Know.
SHOONYAM’s Meditation Mentors & Guides are Seekers, just as You are; On a Journey to Infinity. We Surrender every Breath and Being to That Higher Consciousness and to The Divine Aspect of Ãdi Guru, as we offer Everything that we Learn, and will Learn, to You.

These Processes and Consciousness Technologies, have been Revealed to us through years of our own Practice and Surrender. All our Meditations, BreathFlow and Mudras Flows have evolved in our interludes with The Infinite Primordial, and through the Grace of our Gurus, Teachers, Living Masters and Celestial Guides. Each one of us, bows and Surrenders to Them All; As we also Surrender, in love and gratitude, to all of You who choose to be on this Magnificent Journey with us.


Upon the tide of every
the moon, nay many moons,
do ride;
and countless Suns blaze
upon my Crown;
In that Breath,
and the pause betwixt,
is not Time nor Space;
I Am
I Am
I Am

Breath, the Ever moving, is the doorway to That which is Eternally Still.

The sensations of the bodily movement of breathing remain with us, without a pause, from Birth to Death. But, how often do we pay the slightest attention to the soft ebb and flow of Life Breath?

A whole world of Revelations has swept The Ancients, from the Eastern Yogis & Rishis to The Christian Desert Fathers or Islamic Sufis, riding on merely the Awareness of Breath. A channel, so present, so simple and so natural, is available and yielding, every moment of our lives; yet, we hardly even notice it!

In meditation on the Breath, we allow the Breath to Breathe Itself. From ancient times until today, Conscious Breathing remains among the most powerful, effective, and natural methods for centering ourselves in the Now and Expanding our BeingTotality to its Highest Body Mind Soul Potentiality.

SHOONYAM’s BREATH & MUDRA Flows have evolved through Anoopama Mukerjee Lohana’s own Inner Journeys, Mentations and Awareness, often in deep States of meditation; though, the seeds were definitely planted by the guidance and teachings of her Yogic Masters, Teachers and Gurus through many lifetimes.

Breath, and Its Infinite Dance of Life & Death, of Light & Dark, of Tandav & Lasya,
flow into my Cognitive Consciousness, during many flights Inward. They are consecrated mantras, received from Infinite Consciousness, unto my mortal one.

I live with each Flow, for months or years; seeking their relevance and meaning in Yogic and Scriptural traditions and texts.

What I offer You, as SHOONYAM’s BREATH & MUDRA FLOWS, are the union of these transcendental mentations and the academic study that follows.

~ Anoopama Mukerjee Lohana

The innumerable benefits of Yogic Breathing & Mudras are not unknown and the world wide web is filled with reading material that you may choose to browse through.

With every BreathFlow, Anoopama introduces You to many pearls of ancient Yogic Wisdom and The Science of Breath. At each BreathFlow IMMERSION, learn how That which flows into and out of your Being, is not merely O2 and CO2 but a fragrant elixir of Divine Consciousness; a Song with many notes and infinite layers.

Though Not strictly restricted to a sequence, Anoopama does urge You to introduce YourSelf to these BreathFlows in the order they are listed here as they are increasingly dynamic and transcendental in nature. BREATH & MUDRA FLOWS do, spontaneously, lead you to meditative states.

Once You experience and practice each Flow individually, your Body Mind Soul, Collective, will guide you to adopting a sequence, or blend of various Flows, that resonate best with You.

An Aware and Mindful Journey into BREATH can open Infinite possibilities and realms. So, go with the Flow and BREATHE . MEDITATE . BE

The Absolute can slip in, and Explode,
within the elusive pause that rests
at the Rising of the Moon and the Dawning of The Sun,
in one single, Full Breath
~ Abhinavgupta in Tantraloka

THE BREATH OF BeingTotality

Who exactly are You?

Usually, Spiritual learnings lead us to a broad awareness of “ I am not the Body” “I am not the Mind” “I am an Aspect of The Divine” etc. But, in the Here and Now of Life, reality is, that You ARE the Body and the Mind and Your emotions and thoughts and dreams and aspirations and challenges and prejudices and biases and…! You are, in truth, a Genetic Manifestation of many Lifetimes and familial legacies.
You are a SUM TOTAL of Everything that makes You, YOU.

You are all Three Bodies – Gross, Subtle and Causal. You are a vibrant kaleidoscope of Energies that emanate outward ( Aura ) and dissolve inward ( Koshas ) towards Infinity at Both Realms. You are the Ebb and Flow of Consciousness at every level, in every micro cell of your Being ( Prãna Chakras Nãdi ).

You are An Absolute, though, not quite in touch with that Epitome.

is an ascending, gentle and mindful
that guides you to an Awareness and Understanding
of your Entire BeingTotality,
from the most physical Gross, to the Absolute Subtle.

This simple, detailed and powerful Flow brings you to a Natural State of Alignment, Awareness and Connect with your Body Mind Soul Systemics. It has proven to clear blockages and detox all Energy Channels – Physical Anatomical and Subtle Personal / Transpersonal, which in turn grounds and centres the mind, is therapeutic for chronic ailments, endocrinal, respiratory and circulatory systems and balances both sides of the brain.

It enables You to Harness the very Core Strand of your Existence.

This is an Excellent LEVEL 01 of Breath & Mudra Flow Awareness


Shakti is the Pulse of Life & Consciousness, throbbing within You. It is the manifest, Doer Energy of the Primordial Source. Without Shakti, it is said, that even Shiva is Sáva ( corpse ).

is a dynamic and intensive Flow
of easy Yogic Stretches and ASANAS, BREATH & MUDRAS,
based on the wisdom of Yoga-Kundalini Upanishad in The Krishna Yajurveda.
Its Flow, when invoked into your Life
and practiced with Awareness and Surrender,
is one of the gentlest and most natural routes
to the Realisation of Advaita or Non-duality.

The Ancient traditions of Yoga detail the movement and functions of Prãna as the VAYUS (winds); PRÃNA VAYU, APÃNA VAYU, SAMÃNA VAYU, UDÃNA VAYU, AND VYÃNA VAYU. These five Vayus govern different areas of the body and physical- subtle activities. When they are aligned harmoniously, they assure the vibrancy and vitality of the Body Mind Soul, BeingTotality, stimulating us to enjoy our unique potentials and to live life with meaning and purpose.

AREA OF BODY: Chest, head
FUNCTION: Governs intake, inspiration, propulsion, forward momentum

FUNCTION: Governs elimination, downward and outward movement

FUNCTION: Governs assimilation, discernment, inner absorption, consolidation

FUNCTION: Governs growth, speech, expression, ascension, upward movement

AREA OF BODY: Whole body
FUNCTION: Governs circulation on all levels, expansiveness, pervasiveness
SHΔKTI CHALANA BreathFlow is a gentle, gradual technique for Harnessing, Channelling and Being Aware of This Vital Prãna. The rapturous BreathFlow inspires static Shakti within You to become dynamic and Radiate through every aspect of Life. Once ignited, this Fire of Shakti ( you known it as Kundalini, Khechari et al ) raises your Perceptions, Responses and Expressions to their Highest Possibilities.

Experience a whole new level of health, vigour, vibrancy and WellBeing, a sharp intellect and an unconditional, ever brimming joie de vivre. It is Truly, a non-judgmental, effective and joyous Path of the modern Seeker to attain Non Duality or Cosmic Oneness in and through this Living World.


Darkness Is the Womb
of Light;
as Death but an interlude
within Eternal Life;

I am Naught;
Mere Being Nor Mind;
I am Whole
The All Infinite

Surrendered to the Lotus Wisdom of Māṇḍūkya Upaniṣad in Atharvaveda & Māheśvara Sūtrāṇi ( commonly known as The SivaSutras ), SHOONYA POORN BreathFlow is an Awareness Journey within the Four Conditions of Consciousness ~

Prathama Jāgarita Sthāna - The First, Waking or Gross Consciousness

Dwitiya Swapna Sthāna - The Second, Dreaming or Subtle Consciousness

Tritiya Sushupta / Prajña Sthāna - The Third, Deep Sleep or Causal Consciousness

Chaturtha Turiya - The Fourth, and Absolute, Pure Consciousness

Through its gentle, guided Flow of Mindful processes, you will first Experience the complete Awareness of Dissolution into the Cosmic Nothingness that dwells inside. Here, Body, Mind and Intellect shed their conceptions, labels and roles, to truly wipe the karmic slate clean.

Often, on this Journey, led by the Bandhas, Mudras and Breath Flow, Sub & Non Cognitive Consciousness surfaces, to reveal root causes of many blockages and patterns manifesting in Your life.

is a Meditative sequence of YOGIC BANDHAS,
that ascends you to a heightened Consciousness Realm.
Its whorls unfold gently to invoke
the Limitless Existence of your Self;
within & beyond your Four Conditions of Consciousness.

Delving into the Emptiest Dark or Bhairava Aspects of your BeingTotality is an Energetic Catharsis. It empties the grime of daily material life, stress and lifestyles at its most basic level; and, with practice, it holds the possibility of untangling granthis or knots tied through Your Lifetime or Lifetimes.

SHOONYA takes you to the Absolute Within so may create the Space for the Cosmic Darkness to Ground You to your Reality.

From this Bindu ~ Core of SHOONYATA or NoThingness ~ You Begin, then, to Expand unto your
Absolute Paraã Aspect; Your POORNATA or Wholeness; Projecting your Consciousness to The Infinite All.

This Awareness of SHOONYA & POORNA is then alternated from the Deep Microcosmic to the Absolute MacroCosmic, in a guided Yoga Nidrã, where the membranes of That Which rests Within and That Which is the Whole Without, melt into One Seamless Whole Consciousness.

The result is a Centred, Aware State of Consciousness at every moment, in every Aspect and Expression of Life; and a perfectly integrated and relaxed personality.


Experimental evidence of This Fourth State of Unified, Transcendental Consciousness, in the natural transition between sensory and sleep consciousness, was first recorded at the Menninger Foundation in Kansas, United States in 1971. Researchers, under the Direction of Dr. Elmer Green, used an electroencephalograph to record the brainwave activity of an Awakened Yogi & Living Master, Swami Rama. He progressively relaxed his entire physical, mental and emotional structure through the practice of Yoga Nidrã.

What they recorded was a revelation to the Scientific Community!

Such remarkable mastery over the fluctuating patterns of Consciousness had not previously been demonstrated under strict laboratory conditions. The capacity to remain Consciously Aware while producing Delta Waves and experiencing deep sleep is one of the indications of the third state – Prajña, Where only Truth Exists.


Shiva is not Lord God or Lingam,
to be haloed and worshipped externally.
Well, He is not just that!
Shiva is A State of Consciousness;
The Sthiti, of Absolute Still Balance & Absolute Pulsating Throb
of Primordial Consciousness,
Experienced all at once,
in the tiniest, unperceivable flash of the minutest fragment
of Infinity.

ShiAsti. ShivAsti . ShivAsti.
Shiva Is. Shiva Is. Shiva Is.
Shiva is All; And All is Naught; Shiva is That Which I See; and That which I do not; Shiva is all That I speak, think, do, perceive; and All That is Beyond; Shiva is Me, as I, infinitely, am SHIVA.


These Sacred Sounds Revealed themselves in a definite meter and tune to Spiritual LifeCoach, Sacred Sound & Energy Healing Practitioner , Mystic Writer & Artist, Anoopama Mukerjee Lohana, in deep mentation, on a New Moon Night.
Guidance received by Anoopama in ensuing meditations, inspired her to arrange the powerful, semi guided, free flowing SHOONYAM Meditation to the actual Sound of The Moon – recorded by NASA - and music recorded in high states of meditation & samãdhi by Spiritual Teacher and leading composer, from New Zealand, Kip Mazuy.

Soulfully sung & recorded by youth prodigy, Anjali Khandelwal, no alterations have been made to the original pace, tone, beat and rhythm as It was given to Anoopama.

And so, was born,
A Quietening Immersion into
the Infinite Mãnasarovar ( Lake of Consciousness ) of Absolute Stillness.
A Dissolving of All that makes me, Me,
unto the Eternal Kailash ( Primordial Source ) of Absolute Vibration.

It is Pure Grace, cascaded down from the Highest Primordial Shiva.

Because of the Transcendental State in which the Meditation and the Sounds have been received and arranged, You experience the same Peace, Oneness & Bliss while Practicing SHOONYAM. The BreathFlow, Yogic Postures and The SHOONYA MAHAMUDRA that are practiced during the Meditation, enhance the Energy of SHOONYAM, as each meditator is led unto her / his own Consciousness Journey.

SHOONYAM MEDITATION is a supremely powerful Path to Releasing Stress, Rejuvenating the Body Mind Soul & to Deepen your personal Spiritual Practices and goals.

The Sensations and Awareness Experienced by meditators through many such Immersions, have been Soul Revelations for us too!
Every SHOONYAM Journey, is a new Realm of Consciousness & Healing and as time goes by, SHOONYAM will Reveal His Whole Magnificence in all His Stillness & Vibrancy!

Anoopama offers every SHOONYAM Immersion to You, in complete Surrender to her Guru, The Primordial Infinite Shiva. Each Immersion is as much a revelation and learning for her, as it is for You.

SHOONYAM is not just a Workshop or Session. It is, verily, an ongoing Journey, that we hope will continue unto Infinity itself.

Anoopama has thought, breathed, lived SHOONYAM at every level of her existence, ever since He has revealed to her. What flowed into her Consciousness, without announcement, nor prelude, translates to her cognitive intellect as this ~

I Invoke and Surrender, wholly and unconditionally, to my Consciousness, who is none other than

The Ever Compassionate, Infinite Loving Shiva;
Who wears the Crescent upon his Matted Locks;
Whose Damaroo Beats, so does my Heart;
Whose Ganga, I am, as He Who Breaks my Fall;

Shambho He is; As I AM – The Spring Eternal Within His Lotus Heart
I Invoke and Surrender, wholly and unconditionally, to my Vitality, who is none other than

The Terrible Magnificent.
He is the Swirl of Unfettered Winds,
and the Roar in The Tempest of Oceans;
He, Is Bhairava, He is Rudra, The Untamed Shiva;

Aghora He is; As I AM; The Throb of All Knowledge and Knowing
I Invoke and Surrender, wholly and unconditionally, to my Manifestation, who is none other than

He Who is All Space & Time.
It is He Who Churned, Before Time;
and He, Still, shall be Beyond;
He, Is The Galaxies, Their Suns
and All the Moons;
It is He Who Expands and Dissolves Me; Within Me;

Kaãla He is. As I AM; Ever Present, yet Never Bound
I Invoke and Surrender, wholly and unconditionally, to my Cosmic Divine, who is none other than

From Om Emerge
Unto Om to Merge;
He, Who is the Source
And the Seed Divine;
Shiva, The Supreme Primordial;

Shiva He is. As I AM; Still, One. All
I Invoke and Surrender, wholly and unconditionally, to my Infinity, who is none other than

The Throb of Elements
As they Dissolve;
Giving their all
To The Throb;
Infinity & Moksha He is;
In a Pulse Sublime;
He too, the myriad colours that Shine,
And Merge; unto that Drone;

VyÖm He is. As I AM; UnHeard, UnSpoken, UnSound
I Invoke and Surrender, wholly and unconditionally, to All That I am & Naught, who is none other than

Where the Music
and Dance
have Breathed a Halt;
Where Seeking & Sought
Have merged;
They have asked me, often
What I feel,
When i gazed upon that All.
I say, to them;
SHOONYA He is. As I AM; There is Nothing here at all.


The Sun, He talks to The Body;
But, The Moon
to The Soul.

The Moon has danced with Human Imagination, Emotions and Expressions from the beginning of Time.

Our Human Physical Existence, is but a mirror of Everything that Exists in the Macrocosm of The Universe. Even if we are to set aside any talk of Consciousness and Realms, at a pure, physical level, each one of us Exists as a reflection of the Cycles of Day and Night, Seasons, Solstices and Tides. Every cell in our Being is made up of Atoms that are mini galaxies in themselves.

Our very Breath and Vital Energies
are aligned to the Moon and Sun ~
The Ida Pingala channels of Vital Consciousness,
elaborated in yogic traditions.

The panorama of monthly Cycles
of the Moon,
from Full to New;
and the annual journey of the Sun,
through Seasons, Solstices and Equinoxes,
have a direct Vibrational Connect
with our Body Mind Soul, BeingTotality.

Yet, especially escalated communication and alignment occurs during the Full and New Days of the Moon. Just as these Days, and Nights, have visible effects on the Planet, they are, literally, Vortexes of Opportunity for those who seek Consciousness or Spiritual Experiences.
Yogic Practices, Breath, Mudra and Meditation, during these Escalated Consciousness Days, bear imprints and privileges over other days.

Because, the alignment of the Moon Cycle is of a relatively shorter tenure - daily and monthly, synching Your BeingTotality with the Moon, has almost immediate manifestations and results in Life ( the Sun’s implications are more annual and long term )!

The Sun Energy, too, is vital and necessary. But, It works on a more Physical, Expressed and Worldly plane of manifestation. To a large extent, it deals with our Interactions and Journeys Outwards. Even in Nature, the Sun nourishes and sustains Life.
These are best channelled and aligned by Asanas, Kriyas and Bandhas or even Karma Yoga.

The Moon, Calls us Inward.
It nurtures the WellBeing of Your Higher Consciousness and Vital Energy Systemics. Nature too, Heals, Grows and Yields Nectar in the Light of The Moon. Once in Rhythm with the Ebb and Swell of Moon Energies, We too may Heal, Grow and Evolve unto our Nectar of Life Infinite.


TEMPLE OF AWAKENING Meditation Immersions are invoked as special gatherings of Moon Kissed Seekers, who wish to enhance their Personal Inner Journeys with our Meditation Mentors & Guides.

Each New Moon and Full Moon pulsates a unique Frequency that is Aligned with particular Astrological & Cosmic Realms and Energies. When tapped into consciously, these cycles are of great benefit to You, Your life and to those around you.

Every New or Full Moon offers an opportunity to be harnessed, channelled and invoked for certain definite aspects of Life. For example, some Moons are benevolent and brimming with Manifestation Energies, others may be stronger and work on Clearing- circumstances, people, situations or more, from your life and space; Some may make you heady and musical, while another may weigh heavily on your emotions and health…

Every TEMPLE OF AWAKENING is customised to the Primary ( Dominant ), Subtle ( Influencing ) and Mist ( Unseen but affecting ) Energies of the particular Moon.

Our Meditation Mentors & Guides create sublime Sacred Spaces for these very special Immersions. Crystals, Flowers, Incenses, Oil Lamps and Mandalas / Altars dedicated to the particular Energies of the Day, draw You into a truly melodious Moonscape.
Each BreathFlow & Mudra Flow, Meditation Guidance and Sacred Sound is arranged, likewise, for the particular New or Full Moon, with wisdom from Ancient Sciences and intuitively by our Meditation Mentors & Guides.
TEMPLE OF AWAKENING is a Soul Delight. Relax, Heal, Detox and Awaken to a New Awareness, from one Moon to Another!


Poornima or Full Moon is, by far, one of the most beautiful gifts of Mother Creation and Father Source. Everything that is alluring to behold, draws us near, does it not?

The presence of a Full Moon is so lucid that everything seems to clothe itself with its translucence. All of Creation, touched by the Silver of The Full Moon, wears a poetic aura.

On a Full Moon Arrangement, Our Earth and The Moon, slide into a rather Expanded State of Alignment. The vibrations and magnetic influence are heightened and the pull of the Full Moon is at maximum. This Vibratory and Energetic Influence that affects the Tides and all of Nature, also synchs into the Vital Physical, Emotional and Energetic Surges Within and Around Us.

So, those who are on the meditative path especially, it is more conducive to meditate on those nights (Full Moon) because without an upsurge of energy, without a heightened sense of energy, there is no question of Awareness.

What you call ‘Awareness’ will come naturally to you when you have a heightened sense of Energy in your System. So we want to just make use of that night, of that natural phenomenon which is occurring. On this day it is like you have a free ride of Energy and Awareness.

~ Sadhguru on Full Moon

A Full Moon heightens the nature of everything. Just as the tides and the fertility of flora, fauna and soil, It pulls Our emotions and attributes to their Highest Possibility,. Probably why heady lovers are always featured with a romantic Full Moon ( and mental asylums are on high alert ) ! Our vertical Spine, as humans, causes the Waters and Energies in our BeingTotality to be pulled upright and upwards.

At Full Moon, The Earth is between the Sun and The Moon, Absolutely in Balance. This is, Naturally, the Night to Balance these reflected Sun Moon Energies within Us; to Evolve to Our Highest; And to Surrender to the Healing and Fullness of Mother Nature.

The days preluding and following a Full Moon are usually ideal for translating plans and dreams into reality. They are perfect for starting new projects or getting into that fresh health or wellness routine, lifestyle and Beginnings ( of course, the whole gamut of Planetary placements and implications vary in every person ).


New Moons are cosmically conducive to quiet, contemplation, sankalpas or intentions.
At each New Moon, consciously or unwittingly, we are prone to plant seeds for what we want to grow in the next 30 days. Meditation, BreathFlow and Collective Gatherings are ideal ways to make the most of the active forces of these Nights of the Dark Moon.

While Poornima is a tremendous Presence, Amavasya is total Absence. A logical mind always thinks presence is powerful and absence means nothing.

But it is not so.

As light has power, the absence of light – or darkness ‒ has its own power. In fact, it is more overpowering than light, isn’t it? Night is more overpowering than day because darkness is just absence.

~ Sadhguru on No Moon

Amavasya or the New Moon seems to be of grosser nature and is more powerful than a subtler Full Moon. The Energies and Realms too respond to the Influence of No Moon rather erratically and forcefully. Yet, if Harnessed and Channelled with the vast ocean of Yogic and Intuitive Wisdom, these Dark Nights are when You can See The Light, as it were, best!

On That Night, when the Sun and Moon, entwine in Secret Tryst; a New Moon rises, cloaked in Rapture, upon the Tides of Dark;
I turn In, then, to My Truest Path; Of Infinite Eternal Songs

Our New Moon TEMPLE OF AWAKENING Immersions are dedicated to the Pure Powers of The Elements and especially to Invoke Agni or Fire. Metaphorically, The Fire or Light of NonIgnorance to blaze into our Consciousness.

New Moons are excellent for detoxing, fasts and rituals. They are Days and Nights of heightened intuition, clairvoyance and Extra Sensory Perceptions and are immensely suitable for working with Vibrational Healing and Alternatives like Crystals, Oils, Herbs and Aromas.


And those
Who were seen
were thought to be
By those
who could not hear
The Music
~ Friedrich Nietzsche
At heart, we are all whirling mystics, seeking a silent connect to our innate Divine.
Dance & Intuitive Movement is a conversation between Body and Soul. It is a way to Lose Yourself, and Find Your Self, all at the same time. When we give in to the unabashed rapture of Dance, all else fades away; and we become Truly Alive ~ One with the Living Infinite Cosmos.

Our sense of where this Divine Strand comes from may flow from traditional religion, culture, customs, philosophy and spirituality or some other form of Consciousness Evolution. Whatever our Path, we all Seek that Infinite Something, that we all know dwells as Us, Beyond the fragility of body and life.

Dance is perhaps one of the oldest expressions known to man. In its fluidity and spontaneity lies its true mysticism. Beyond our names, beliefs, titles, achievements, memories and identities, Dance, when you connect to it, is the ultimate surrender.

Everything manifest, and non manifest, is a ceaseless Dance of Vibrating Particles and Energy. We are, Constantly Dancing, and hence we Are! If this Cosmic Dance was to cease, so would all Existence.

As far as human mysticism, memory and Awareness goes, we have Danced our deepest Realisations.
The Cosmic Dance of ShivaShakti is the Birthing of All That Is; as Rudra Tandava is His Dance of Dissolution;
Krishna and Radha embrace in Dance, showing us the Rhythm of unconditional Bhakti and Love as the sweet, melodious way to Divine Mergence;
The Sufis whirl, in a Dance of Rapturous Oneness, to Become the Dance of the Infinite.
The Mayans, Incas and American Indians knew this. Their Elemental Dances are raw ballads of Man’s relationship with This Sacred Earth, Animal and Nature kingdoms and the Divine. They saw their whole world in the cyclical nature of all things. They Danced, too, in circles and invoked its power of healing, celebration and spiritual expression.

Sacred Dance expresses joy, sadness, love and hate; it inspires valour and fearlessness; it celebrates all stages of life - birth, puberty, initiation, marriage, death; and prays to the Gods, and ancestors, for food or rain.

These timeless Dances of the Soul call out to the Sun for Life; and to the Moon for Liberation.

A Deeply Connective Dance Meditation, CHAKRARHYTHM leads your steps into an Awareness Flowing from your Vital Chakra Systemics.

Ease into the Rhythm of the Infinite
with lilting BreathFlow and graceful Yogic Poses, Movements & Mudras, for each Chakra.
Arrive at Your own Meditative Core,
as Sacred Sounds infuse Musical and Rhythmic Beats
to communicate with the frequency of Your Primary Chakras.

The Primal, Rustic Throbs of the Ground Chakras

( Mooladhara, Swadhishthan )
melt into the Bliss of the Central Vortexes of Love, Emotions and Expression
( Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddhi )
to Ultimately Evolve You into the
Stillness of Higher Consciousness

( Ajna, Sahasrara and Brahmarandra ).

Within the Sacred Circle of CHAKRARHYTHM, there is no separation. All Dancers are equal; in a group, but singular isles of The Self. So, while there is connection and similarity of Movements, Flow and Steps, there is also the personal expression of the steps.

As the Immersion into Rhythm and Flow deepens, every Dancer blossoms into an Inwardly Dissolved, Rapturous yet Still, Whole Entity. The essence of Sacred Dance is tasted as we allow our Selves to be Danced! When we drift into a Space, where the mind no longer tries to remember steps; and the Dance becomes Meditation. Becomes Me.
The Dance of Chakra Awareness, radiates tremendous energy. We, connected in Sublime Dance and Rhythm, are in a Subtle, Energetic Communication. Our Dance Circles have seen many instances of Spontaneous Healing in Body Mind Soul, though healing is not directly intended.
It is a natural gift of Consciousness in Rhythmic Gatherings.