"In a Crystal we have clear evidence
of the existence of a
formative life principle,
and though we cannot understand
the Life of a crystal,

it is nonetheless
a living being."

- Nikola Tesla

Our Sacred Mother Earth holds fathomless Secrets of Healing within her womb.
She plays with the fires, winds, soil and seasons of eternities, to yield a treasure trove of Crystals , Minerals and Herbs. All of them Vibrating with Her Sacred Energy.
And then, as a Divine blessing of Life, she springs forth, Water.

Across the Planet, scientists are re discovering what our Ancients have always known; that Water is a Living Entity who holds Memory and Consciousness.

Healing Elixirs are an intrinsic part of Vibrational & Energy Therapy across the world. They go by many names- crystal water, gem elixirs, gem tonics, gem or crystal essences, crystal tonics and more. They are all, essentially the same… … Pure, natural-source water that has the Vibrational Energy Signature of one or more crystals imprinted into its auric and biophysical Energy Matrix. Virgin Essential oils from nature’s bounty too bear Energetic and Mineral Healing properties and imprints, inherited from Mother Earth. Like Water, they too nourish, nurture and soothe our bodies, minds and souls into naturally balanced wellbeing.

We choose to worship them as the Nectar of the Gods – SÓMA

Water holds memories

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AntarJyoti BahirJyoti PratyagJyoti Parãtparah
JyotirJyoti SwayamJyoti AtmaJyoti Shivosmyaham

The Light that dwells Within, The Light that is Outside,
The Light is in Me, Beyond the Cosmic Beyond;
The Light of Lights, I am That Light, The Self is Light;
That Light; as I; am Shiva!

is a Signature offering by Spiritual LifeCoach, Sacred Sound & Energy Healing Practitioner , Mystic Writer & Artist, Anoopama Mukerjee Lohana and Homeopathy and Natural Healing Specialist, Dr. Neha Seth.

Unraveling the whorls of Vibrational Energy Healing, they understood that Crystal and Gem Elixirs – both Waters and Oils - were more ‘Living’ carrier bases than tinctures and plain distilled H2O or oils. They increase the efficacy and absorption of therapeutic & healing herbs and essences by the body.

Energising the Elixirs further, with Resonance of Sacred Music ( singing bowls, cymbals, temple drums etc. ), Chants, Mantras and Meditation, enhanced their healing properties radically, especially at the auric, spiritual and emotional levels.

And so was born SÓMA - SACRED MOTHER EARTH ELIXIRS. A magical blend of Energy Healing and Natural Medical Sciences.

SÓMA is not merely therapy or healing . It is Your Personal JOURNEY to the most Natural & Balanced State of Being.

Your SÓMA Journey
embraces your entire Physical, Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual Being;
not just visible, symptomatic issues.
We do not refuse, nor discard the scientific explanation
of any illness / lack of wellbeing.
We simply look at it from an expanded point of view;
a deeper, subtler root from where it arises.

SÓMA re-establishes Your Inner Balance
from the outward gross to Your most subtle.

Breathe. Live. Be. And, trust that You will be drawn by Divine Synchronicity, to Your SÓMA, when you are truly ready to embrace your BeingTotality. When You know in your Soul, it is time to become Pure Energy!

Signature SÓMA will never be mass produced. Your SÓMA is Your Elixir; who will manifest exclusively for Your health, wellness and wellbeing.

As an offering of ready to use Elixirs for Divine Beauty and Wellbeing, we offer the limited edition SÓMA RASA Elixirs to indulge your Mind Body Spirit and Soul with!


Namaskaar Divine Souls!

As a modern, research driven doctor, practicing for decades, I seek logical and factual validation for almost everything I think, say and do.

Wholistic Healing and Therapy satiates these criteria and it is my soul call to see the Universal Sciences of Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Vibrational Healing as mainstream, not ‘alternative’, medicine.

Ancient civilizations, across the globe and centuries, effectively understood, developed and practiced these methods of Prevention, Wellness and Cure. Scriptural recordings of our own Yogic and Vedic wisdom find resonance with Egyptian, Chinese, Syrian, Greek-Roman, and African… in fact almost all civilizations of yore.

Mainstream, modern medicine is undoubtedly a brilliant phase in Mankind’s intellect and health management. Yet, it usually, only treats symptoms, not the root. The whole person in their Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Energetic BeingTotality is not addressed.

When the two walk halfway and combine their energies and sciences, the way we handle our health and wellbeing becomes a magnificent new entity!

SÓMA is an offering of Vibrational Energy Healing & Therapy that works on multiple levels of your body, mind and subtle consciousness to invoke Wholistic health, wellness and wellbeing.

Let me explain the Knowledge, Understanding and Experience that SÓMA is born of.

We know today, that Water has Memory and Consciousness. It absorbs and retains the qualitative, energetic and metaphysical properties of elements, situations, sensory stimuli, emotions and intentions it is exposed to. Like everything else in Creation, Water too is Energetically Vibrating all the time.

Something in the
Vibrational Grid of Water
endows it with properties
that often defy the laws of common science,
making it the
highest receptor of
influencing Elements and Energies;
Both, good or otherwise.

We also know that water particles who are charged / ionized/effected/affected/ flavoured or treated in any way will spontaneously pass on that influence to fresh, untreated water particles when mixed.

Now, the human body is 70 -90% Water
Our Sacred Planet is 2/3 Water

See the link?

When you embrace Your SÓMA Elixir as part of your Healing or Therapy, you approach the waters in your physical body with the Vibrational and Medicinal ‘ charge’ of the Crystals, Gems, Sound and Herb Energised Water / Oil. Allowing the Healing Energies to permeate the deepest layers.

You align your entire existence – your Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Energetic BeingTotality – to the Resonance of Universal Mother Earth.

Healing manifests spontaneously; from the inside out.


Dr. Neha Seth
MD – Homeopathy

Beloved Divine Souls,

Years ago, I began my Journey into the Sacred Womb of Our Mother Earth; with guidance and understanding received in meditation.

With this understanding came explorations into the magical realms of Crystals and Sound Energy. I was mesmerised by their spontaneous relationship with Water, The Cosmic Magic of the Vibrational Connect of Everything and the manifestation of Healing Elixirs!

Our BeingTotality
seems to effortlessly absorb, retain and utilize
the Energetic Discharge of Elixirs
into all its whorls;
the PhysicalBody, The Emotional MindBody,
The Subtle, EnergyBody
and even the Infinite, Primordial SpiritualBody

Crystals and Sound Energy revealed that they were enhanced manifold when used through Water and Oil mediums. A detailed study of individual characteristics of Crystals, Herbs, Essential Extracts – all Gifts of Mother Earth – and trials followed.

Our Signature SÓMA and SÓMA RASÃ Waters and Oils offered a convenient, use-on-the-go way to embrace Healing routines into urban lifestyles! They work as, or even more, effectively than wearing and carrying crystals or sitting through many sessions of Crystal or Sound Healing.

Working with some blends, I noticed an almost physical, tangible enhancement in Meditation, Energy Body Alignment & Activation and Transcendental Practices.

They have now become divinely woven into my healing and spiritual practices and guidance.

Delving into ancient wisdom, I found magic in Physics and Energy based Sacred Geometry of yore. Applying some of these to intuition gave us our unique SÓMALingam- a simple, precise Elixir Energiser, created with 5 Metal Alchemy ( Panchadhatu ) , Natural Stones, Minerals and Crystals.

That was when my soul sister, Dr. Neha Seth and I began to discuss that these Waters and Oils would obviously be catalysts to the healing efficacy of herbs and essences!

And, SÓMA was born! A natural, sacred and gentle way to restructure your Genetic Conditioning in preparation for a Higher Cosmic Conditioning.

I sincerely believe, if you have found us, found SÓMA, trust that You will be led to Your Sacred Elixir.
I bow to The Infinite for being able to bring it to you.

Wish you a Glorious SÓMA Life!


Anoopama Mukerjee Lohana
Sacred Healer & Spiritual Life Coach


“ The core of every galaxy is always an ellipsoid. A perfect ellipsoid is what is referred to as ‘linga’.

So the first form, from un-manifest to manifest-when it begins to manifest as creation-the first form that it takes is always the form of an ellipsoid.,

And from our experience we know if you raise your energies to a certain pitch, the final form that your energy takes before dissolution is also that of an ellipsoid.

So the Linga is seen as a doorway to the beyond, from both ends. The first form of manifestation is an ellipsoid. The final form of dissolution is also an ellipsoid. So, because the A and Z of creation happen to be the Linga, it is seen as a doorway to the beyond."

- Sadhguru
The SÓMA Linga™ is NOT an apparatus. It is a Living Temple; a Divine Grid of Cosmic Energy, received in meditation and refined with research by Anoopama.

This Trademark Sacred Design ( patent awaited ) is based on Vedic Energy Sciences, Sacred Geometry and Crystal/ Mineral Energy grids. Its Exact Proportions, Materials and Placements create a Living Energetic Vortex that draws Cosmic, Elemental, Sacred Vibrations unto its core.

It is in the cradle of this Sacred SÓMA Linga™ that the molecular and vibrational patterns of healing are imprinted into the DNA of Your SÓMA.


  • Natarãja ~ The Lord of Cosmic Dance - Overseer of SÓMA Linga™
    Austrian-born American physicist, Fritzof Capra, in his article, The Dance of Shiva: The Hindu View of Matter in the Light of Modern Physics and again, in his book, The Tao of Physics, says …

    "every subatomic particle not only performs an energy dance, but also is an energy dance; a pulsating process of creation and destruction…without end…For the modern physicists, then, Shiva's dance is the dance of subatomic matter. As in Hindu mythology, it is a continual dance of creation and destruction involving the whole cosmos; the basis of all existence and of all natural phenomena."

    A consecrated and Energetically maintained bronze idol of Nataraj dances His Cosmic Dance upon our SÓMA Linga , bestowing every dewdrop of SÓMA with Grace.

  • The Linga or Elliptical Dome - Cryptic Grail of Manifest Form.

    Literally, ‘Linga’ means ‘ symbol’ in Sanskrit.

    A Linga is a perfect ellipsoid. Although, mythology associates it with Shiva, Science accepts that this shape is the only shape that can serve as a perennial storehouse of energy.

    You will notice in Nature, the most natural form of anything forming, eroding, shaping, is the ellipsoid of a Linga. A cave rock that has a drop or stream of water pouring on it, continuously from above, in a few years becomes a Linga. This is the natural State of Physical Existence; of Being.

    Mystically & Spiritually, It ensconces the most potent Cosmic Source Energy.

  • AMRITESHWARÃKSH ( Eye of SHIVA) - Rare, consecrated Natural Agate centers the Energy Grid of our SÓMA Linga™.
    Shiva in His Amriteshwara aspect ( Lord of Immortal Nectar ), is the Absolute Healer - mirrored by the Puranic Dhanvantari Aspect of Vishnu.

    This Cosmic Healing Energy channels and imprints Your SÓMA with its Cosmic Signature.
    We Surrender to this Absolute Eye as the Repository of all the Healing Your Signature SÓMA is blessed with.

  • The twin LINGA GARBHAs or Cores, that hold Your Elixir Water / Oil, has Tourmaline and Jasper bases – providing a strong, protected and grounded Mooladhara or Root Chakra Energy to Your SÓMA.
    An Amethyst at the crown pulls the Prãna or LifeBreath of your Elixir Upright, to its Highest Cosmic Potential. It activates The Sahasrara or Crown Chakra of Your SÓMA.

  • The Energies of The 11 Dishas (Directions) are harnessed with relevant Crystal or Gem Lingas

    East ( Prachi ) : Clear quartz
    South East ( Agneya ) : Red Jasper
    South ( Dakshin / Vaachip ): Blue Sapphire / Lapis Lazuli
    South West ( Nairritta ) : Blue Sapphire / Lapis Lazuli
    West ( Pratichi ) : Emerald / Green Jade
    North West ( Vaayavya ) : Hassonite
    North ( Udichi ) : Pearl / White Agate
    North East ( Ishaanya ) : Clear Quartz Crystal
    CENTRE ( Garbha ) : Ruby
    UP ( Urdhva ) : Space / Ether
    DOWN ( Adho ) : Space / Ether

  • 5 Natural Quartz Crystals, add their catalyst frequencies to Your Signature Crystals. We have found that this tiny add-on motivates the other crystals and gems to expand their Vibrational Signature greatly. Clear Quartz is the Universal Crystal that enhances Clarity of Consciousness.

  • Minute Details of Ashtadhãtu ( Eight Metals), Gem Pyramids etc. are arranged to invoke, enhance, and concentrate Cosmic Energies across Realms.


Elixir Blending Process

KNOWING YOUR BeingTotality
Our Signature SÓMA Journey with You begins with the detailed understanding of your Entire BeingTotality - your PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, ENERGETIC AND SPIRITUAL EXISTENCE.

Your Energetic readings are guided by Sacred Healer & Spiritual Life Coach, Anoopama Mukerjee Lohana, with Crystals and Crystal Pendulums that have been Consecrated by years of Sãdhana ( Spiritual and Energetic Processes and Meditations ).

This Journey, into Your BeingTotality include Chakra & Aura Readings, Meditation and Intuitive Channeling. Your Physical and Physiological diagnosis is conducted by Dr. Neha Seth. This involves a detailed medical checkup and profiling as seen necessary by the doctor.

You receive Your SÓMA PATRIKA or Fact Sheet with details of our recommendations for Your SÓMA KIT. Each Energy and Element is explained in its healing, metaphysical and curative properties. Once, you accept Your Signature SÓMA in intent and soul, we begin to blend it for You.

YOUR SÓMA KIT contains:
  • Your Signature SÓMA Elixir / Elixirs – Crystal, Gem & Sacred Sound Energised Oil or Water invoked within our Sacred SÓMA Linga
  • Your Pure SÓMA Herb Essentials / Extracts
  • Dosage and use instructions

NOTE: Depth, details and level of profiling and diagnosis will differ from person to person depending on your individual requirement ( for example, do you need your SÓMA for Healing / Therapy / Health / Spiritual / Astrological benefits etc.? )

THE ENERGY PROCESS ( invoked by Anoopama Mukerjee Lohana )
  • Energetic Invocation of the Blessing and Healing Energy of the Base Water / Oil by a ‘Jal Shanti’ - Symbolic Ceremony and Prayer. This calms and repairs the trauma caused to the Vibrational Grid of the Water / Oil through its Journey of separation from its natural environment or state, bottling, transportation and handling.
  • Crystals and Gemstones are introduced to the carrier water / oil by Indirect Infusion ( the stones are introduced into the base carrier in a Glass sub container / test tube. They are never brought in direct contact with the carrier Water or Oil as natural crystals may carry strong irons and trace metals from source. Their Energy and healing matrix is perfectly transmitted by Light and Vibrational Influences through glass.
  • Your Elixir is Energised in SunEnergy and MoonEnergy.
  • SoundEnergy is introduced to it for an hour each at dawn and dusk ( the Sandhya hours when day and night meet. These are Energetically the most active hours of sãdhana or yogic practices )

THE ESSENTIAL EXTRACTS ( completed by Dr. Neha Seth )
  • The Herb Essence / Flower Extract blends prescribed by Dr. Seth are bottled and blended for you and added to Your SÓMA KIT.
  • The potency and concentration percentage is monitored to your exact need.
  • An infusion is allowed at room temperature, in a dark coloured container, under controlled, cool environment
  • Pure, Clinical Alcohol is added in the required ratio to preserve Your SÓMA

Your Signature SÓMA KIT is created in reputed, premium, branded, bottled spring water only.

We are particular about blending a maximum of 3 Crystals / gems + 1 Sound Energy + 2 Herbal Essence Only to every Signature SÓMA KIT . This avoids an Energy Clutter in your Elixir.

In case of a Healing Routine that needs to simultaneously address varied layers of your BeingTotality, we suggest a combination of two or more Signature SÓMA Elixirs to be used as directed.

Your Signature SÓMA MOTHER EARTH ELIXIR comes to you in a handy, coloured glass bottle or vial with a convenient dropper.
In sensitivity to the environment, please save your SÓMA Bottle or Vial and return it to us for refills to avail of discounts on your refills.


Before we give you a broad indication of the how, how much and how often, it is important to understand the CRYSTAL ENERGY SPECTRUM

Crystals, Gems ( even herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables, for that matter ) are very meticulously colour coded by Mother Nature!

The spectrum is categorised into HIGH SUN ENERGY, MID EARTH ENERGY & CALM MOON ENERGY. These are based on the intensity of the crystals' Innate Vibrational Signature and their effect on the Energetic Vibrations of surrounding organisms and spaces.

Usually, The closer a Crystal is, to the red end of the color spectrum, the higher its intensity; the closer to the violet end, the lower its intensity. Of course, vibrancy of color, chemical composition, external structure and its combination with other elements can affect its Vibratory Intensity.

Embracing the Energies of Your SÓMA Elixirs is as much a Soul Journey as it is a physical one. You may be guided intuitively to use Your Elixir is a way specific to Your Journey. This page does not claim to be all-inclusive or rigid. It merely initiates you into the Sacred and wonderful Universe of SÓMA Elixirs.


SÓMA Elixirs heal, evolve and enhance you and your life Wholistically, with the Living Energies of crystals, gems, sacred sounds and herbs held within their throbbing particles.

So, what aspects of Your Life can Your SÓMA Elixir enhance?

Everything that happens,
at the physical, mental, emotional
and energetic levels
of Life,
are interlinked.
Beyond the race of relationships,
routines, deadlines and demands,
we Exist
in Direct Connect
with The Universal Source Energy.

The quality of health, wellness and wellbeing we experience depends on our Awareness and optimisation of this Sacred Connect. Aligned individuals manifest, experience and radiate their Highest Potential in every aspect and expression of life.

Most of our blockages, illnesses and maladies happen simply because of the misalignment of Our Energetic Signature and the Cosmic Source Energy.

The easiest way to explore this is the condition and vibrancy of our CHAKRAS. Yet, our Energy Body System involves a more intricate arrangement of Energy fields and layers, of which, CHAKRAS are some indicators.

whose elaborate and pulsating layers may be thus arranged…

1. PHYSICAL BODY - the anatomical, manifest structure which itself is a multi-galactic universe reflected in every vibrating cell, pore and particle.
2. PRÂNA – the LifeBreath that flows as the 5 Essential Vaayus, through Naadis and Ida-Pingala- Sushumna Channels.
3. CHAKRAS – the energy system vortices or indicators. While the 7 or at most, 12 chakra systems are most commonly approached and addressed, there are more than a thousand Chakras in and around our physical body spheres.
4. KOSHAS – The 5 Layers from the Gross to the most Subtle Infinite, these are the Etheric or Energetic sheathes of our BeingTotality.
5. AURA – the radiant colour fields of Energy that resonate with our Cosmic Source.

Your SÓMA ELIXIR touches the alignments, bonds and patterns of this Splendorous BeingTotality, Your Complete Energy Body System. It works from the deepest levels, outward, to heal and correct the roots of manifested and underlying blockages, discomfort or illness and even facilitate spiritual or cosmic practices.


SÓMA brings the Healing Energies of Crystals, Gems, Sacred Sounds and Herbs, in an easy to use form, without buying and caring for expensive Crystals, learning how to chant or play Sacred Music and figuring out how to invite Herbs into your life!

SÓMA ELIXIRS can be administered internally or externally as a Wholistic Life choice for people, animals and plants. INTERNAL APPLICATION FOR HUMAN USE

Michael Gienger, a world authority on Crystal Healing and Gem Waters says

"when a crystal elixir is taken internally, its holistic effects are released on all levels (physical, emotional, and spiritual)"

In a gist, Your Signature SÓMA ELIXIRS:
  • Detox Detox Detox! Aid and effect a gentle, Wholistic cleansing routine in your body for regular wellness and wellbeing maintenance or simply cleaning up after a vacation or wedding binge!
  • Assist or support mainstream medical treatment because an Energetically aligned Physical and Subtle body is more receptive to cure or recouping.
  • Minimise, neutralise and in some cases, negate side effects and collateral damage that allopathy, antibiotics and other medical treatments imprint into your system.
  • Heal, manage and ease lifestyle and environment driven maladies like headaches, allergies, muscle cramps, chronic fatigue, insomnia, chronic digestive issues, menstrual and menopausal syndromes, emotional-psychological – psychosomatic imbalances and much much more.
  • Aid any other Praanik / Vibrational Therapy / Routine that you may be following.
  • Gain emotional and mental stability, balance and peace.
  • Enhance and Empower de addiction / rehabilitation programs.

Many who have embraced SÓMA Elixirs into their daily lives, reiterate that taken internally as prescribed, they can act faster and more effectively than wearing or holding a healing crystal.

Remember, SÓMA is based on the Understanding and acceptance of the Vibrational and Resonance Energies of Everything. It is important to use Your SÓMA Elixir with Clear Intent and Mindful Awareness of why you are inviting the Elixir Energy into your BeingTotality.

Your SÓMA ELIXIR is meant to be built into your day like a Sacred Ceremony. Not gulped thoughtlessly while running into an elevator or with a mouthful of soda on the go!

It is only a few seconds, a few times a day. Make them Wholistic. Make them SÓMA.

You will find many recommendations on how to administer you Elixir. We recommend that you take the prescribed number of drops DIRECTLY UNDER THE TONGUE. This puts the essence in the body sublingually, ensuring that it is immediately absorbed. This method, recommended in most ancient natural healing practices, avoids the essence from being subjected to changes through digestive process.

Alternatively, you may dilute the prescribed drops of Your SÓMA in about one tablespoon of water ( 20-25ml ). Do not stir or disturb the mix artificially. Allow the drops to mix naturally for a minute or two and sip it gently.

Sun Energy Crystals
Mixture: 4 drops per 20 ml
Period: 2 doses daily 7-14 days

Earth Energy Crystals
Mixture: 3-4 drops per 20 ml
Period: 3-4 doses daily up to 30 days

Moon Energy Crystals
Mixture: 6-8 drops per 20 ml
Period: 3-4 doses daily as needed

Sun: For extended use, take a 7 day break every two weeks.
Earth: For extended use take a 7 day rest between each 30 days.
Moon: Not for extended use. Use as prescribed individually.

Direct, sublingual administration : room temperature.

SÓMA diluted in water: cold water so the Elixir Energies are released inside the digestive tract as the liquid warms, not immediately in the drinking water where it can dissipate or become affected by other energies.

CAUTION: THIS IS A GENERIC, INFORMATIVE INDICATION. Your Signature SÓMA ELIXIR will come to you with a detailed description of uses, doses and method of applications. Unique dosages or usage disciplines will also be included. PLEASE ADHERE TO YOUR SÓMA PRESCRIPTION ONLY.

The blockages and imbalances in your Energetic Being Total, Your Life Energy, Emotions and Environment can be wonderfully affected with Your Signature SÓMA ELIXIR. When applied externally to the body to target certain imbalances and diseases, the Energy patterns are infused from the elixir to the skin and into the body. This is an excellent regime for Chakra Balancing in particular.

Application blends are usually stronger than those for internal use. Certain Application SÓMA ELIXIRS are also prepared in a Virgin Oil Base instead of Water to make it easier to massage and use on the body.

SÓMA ELIXIR Waters may also be used as a mist in spray bottles.


The Entire Manifest world we live in, even we, are but micro representations of the macro Cosmic Infinity.

Whether our ‘modern’ mind chooses to see it or not, but the movements of the Planets, the Stars and Sun-Moon does impact us. We study this in school, the effect of the Solar System on the tides, seasons, night and day, yet we forget that we are an amalgamation of the same tides ( the water, blood , endocrinal fluids in our system ) and seasons ( moods, emotions, ageing …life ) . Everything in our bodily function is affected and related to the Sun, Moon and Solar System, even our breath.

Do you know the term ‘lunacy’ comes from the root, luna or lunar because the phases of the Moon directly affect the states of mind. Modern medicine, psychology, psychiatry, all accept that most conditions related to the fluids in our body ( cerebral fluid, hormones, blood, water ) ebb and swell as the tides, with the waxing and waning of the Moon.

Astrology is not a whim. It is an ancient Science that has earned its status in our world.

WHILE IT IS IMPERATIVE TO DRAW THE LINE BETWEEN UNDERSTANDING, CORRECT INTERPRETATION, APPLICATION and SUPERSTITION, it is only wise that we pay attention to this ancient wisdom. People around the world are adopting the almanac way to charting their routines. Astrology, when applied correctly, is definitely a great guide to life. Mind you, we say ‘guide’ and not dictat.

Just like the Alignment with Cosmic Vibrational Energies, an Alignment with your Astrological Signature strengthens your Vibrational Core-relation with the Cosmos.

YOUR ASTROLOGICAL SÓMA ELIXIR is a powerful blend of Crystal & Gem Energy that resonates vibrantly with Your Sun Sign, Your Lunar Sign ( Rashi ), Your Ruling Planet / Star ( Nakshatra ) and the month of your birth ( Maas ).

Embrace it to enhance the Energies of Abundance, Blessings, Prosperity and Fulfilled Joy in all aspects and expressions of Life.


Randell N. Baer and Vicki V. Baer, acclaimed exponents of Crystal Healing, write
“drinking crystal water on a regular basis will gradually increase the vibrational quality of every cell... and as a result the entire auric system is vibrationally upgraded."

That’s right! You do not need to have physical, emotional or spiritual problems to embrace the Divine Bliss of SÓMA ELIXIR . It is, verily, the most natural and sacred Tonic you can embrace to maintain a healthy, balanced and radiant LifeEnergy.

Our Experience shows that usually, Earth Energy Crystals in the mid spectrum, are best suited for Elixir Tonics. High Sun Energy are the ideal, once in while, pick-me-ups and The Moon Energy Crystals are great for the occasional, restful, respite for your Energies.

A Wholistic, healthy lifestyle, lived in The Awareness of Cosmic Alignment, expands your BeingTotality to its Highest Potentials. Automatically, you attain and radiate Happiness, Fulfilment, Abundance, Bliss, Calm and Divinity in everything you do, to everyone around you.

Crystal elixirs can be added to bath water as either a part of a crystal healing regime or as a vitalising tonic for radiant health.

Bathing in water that contains the focused energy of a crystal or combination of crystals can be an excellent method to infuse your body with the Life Force that keeps our bodies and spirits alive and healthy. SÓMA ELIXIR can be blended to Invigorate your Energies before a work day or to soothe and calm you at the end of the week.

Elixir Baths are especially beneficial before a Meditation or Yoga session as they open your Auric Body to the Cosmos.

Attars, Essences and Waters have been extolled in almost every ancient scripture and faith. After all, Your Vibrational Energies are at their Highest Expansion and Rhythm when you are in communion with the Sacred; With your God.

Be it your altar or temple, your yoga or prayer routine, your daily meditation, your music or singing practice… THIS IS YOUR PATH. This is Your Cosmic All.

SÓMA ELIXIR MANIFESTED EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOUR SACRED OR SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS are used in clearing, blessing, preparing altars for devotional use. Whatever Energy / deity an altar is devoted to, SÓMA of an appropriate crystal intensifies the Universal Life Force of your Sacred Space.

Yogis and Meditators use them in their Altars, Practice Spaces and on their body during practice. Musicians and Singers, on their instruments and especially on their Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat and Crown Chakras.


Crystal, Gem, Sound & Herb Energies are excellent tools for channeling the free flow of the Universal Life Force in Your Defined Space.

An Energised, Protective and Life Nurturing Energy within your home and workspace essential to the Vibrational Signature, Health and Wellbeing of those who live or work in it.

Even spaces built and arranged as per Vaastu or Feng Shui Principles, over time and activity, You will find layers of Etheric Debris. Energy Imprints of staleness, trauma, dispute, failure, over excitement, history, lethargy or foreboding.

These can be cleared and Nurturing Energy restored with regular use of the right SÓMA ELIXIR


Your Creature Family is probably more tuned to Vibrational Energies that you and me! As a Pet Parent, you will rejoice in knowing that they respond spontaneously to Energetic, Vibrational and Natural Healing. So yes! Your dogs, cats and other pet babies can safely be treated with their own Signature SÓMA ELIXIRS.

Their CHAKRA System too is identified and very receptive to SÓMA ELIXIRS.

The dosages vary with the age, size and weight of the pet. Both, internal and spray / oil massage applications may be used. Especially beneficial in geriatric and terminal care, they make the passage gentle and protected for their Energy Body and Soul.

Born of Mother Nature, SÓMA ELIXIRS are soulmates for your food and ornamental plants. Elixirs may be sprayed or added during watering as roots are more receptive. A mild, diluted mixture is recommended ( 1 drop to 40 ml for maintenance and up to 2 - 3 drops per 40 ml for dealing with disease, harsh climate / environment or pests )

DISCLAIMER SÓMA - MOTHER EARTH ELIXIRS are PERSONALISED, HOMEMADE, HANDMADE SACRED BLENDS made in a base of premium, branded, bottled Spring Water or Organic Essential Carrier Oil blended with herbal essences and extracts from reputed brands / sources. These are FOR MEDITATIVE HEALING & SPIRITUAL USE ONLY. THIS IS NOT A MEDICINE. SÓMA ELIXIRS ARE 100% NATURAL, CONTAIN NO ANIMAL PRODUCT & ARE NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS. All Crystals & Gemstone Energising is completed by INDIRECT PROCESS, wherein the stones do not contact the water or oil directly. We do not advocate or solicit the use of SÓMA ELIXIRS as substitute to any mainstream medicines, prescriptions or line of treatment by your doctor.