मनोबुद्धयहंकार चित्तानि नाहं, न च श्रोत्रजिव्हे न च घ्राणनेत्रे
न च व्योम भूमिर्न तेजो न वायुः, चिदानन्दरूपः शिवोहम् शिवोहम्

manobuddhyahaṅkāra cittāni nāhaṃ; na ca śrotrajihve na ca ghrāṇanetre
na ca vyoma bhūmir na tejo na vāyuḥ
cidānandarūpaḥ śivo'ham śivo'ham

I am not the mind,
nor intellect, nor ego;
nor the reflections of inner self.
neither am I the five senses;
nor the five elements of
ether, earth, fire, nor wind;
I am indeed,
that Infinite Eternal Knowing Bliss

Shiva am i. Shiva am i

SHOONYAM ( Sanskrit root  Śūnya / Śūnyatā ) - literally Zero or Void

Shoonyam is All. There is no other. All that is manifest, has ever been manifest, or is to be manifest, exists simultaneously and eternally in SHOONYAM; Though, not in name, nor form.

All That Is, IS; but in That Absolute, Still, Mergence; indistinguishable from The Infinite.

It is The Nothingness of Everything ~ The Primordial where all UnEssential comes to naught.


SHOONYAM - Born of Cosmic Will

|| ShivAsti ||

SHOONYAM SOUND . ENERGY . CONSCIOUSNESS WELLBEING is a Soul Space, invoked by Spiritual Life Coach, Sacred Energy Healer, Writer & Artist, Anoopama Mukerjee Lohana.

The name, structure and manifestation of SHOONYAM was received in meditation by Anoopama, during her annual Kailash Manasarovar Yatra. An experience that guided her energies to gratefully move away from a successful, super paced corporate life to this Infinite Journey, Inward.

SHOONYAM’s Soul Purpose is to share a collective understanding of the Subtle Relationship between our physical existence and our Cosmic Infinity. A Connect that is the Secret to every level of Wellness, Wellbeing, Success and Abundance in Life; From the Inside out.

SHOONYAM Immersions, Workshops & Programs have evolved through guidance, processes and inspirations received during years of sãdhana and practice by our Family of Spiritual Coaches, Guides, Mentors, Healers and Masters.

They include:


Our space is Spiritual; A Conscious way of Life. It cannot be limited to or by boundaries of personal faith, belief, language, caste, sect or nationality.

Cosmic Energy is beyond all that and absorbs everyone, everywhere into its Infinite Bliss.

May it take us all to our Cosmic Completion.

shubham bhavatu || shoonyam bhavatu ||


Everyone, absolutely everyone of us,
Has the right to live in bliss; to exist in absolute balance;
To seek and attain our highest possibilities
Of physical, emotional, material & spiritual Abundance.

At SHOONYAM, we come together to unravel, share and apply Sacred Sciences & Experiences, so that we may all Connect to Our Own Supreme Magnificence. Naturally, Gently and Wholistically.

Our vision comes from Absolute Consiousness. We seek your blessings so we may live our role sincerely, ethically and with love.

For truly, SHOONYAM’s Offerings are not ‘what we do’ but ‘Who We Are’.

Our Call is to Empower every Life we interact with, to live Wholly and in Active Awareness of their Highest Possibilities, in all aspects of Life ~ As Individuals in Personal and Professional Spheres & as part of this Thinking, Productive and Magnificent, Collective World.

We DO NOT OFFER ‘Ready to Make’ Moksha or Instant Nirvana. We definitely DO NOT promise you any magic potions or spells that will spin your Kundalini sky high or send you into a tizzy dance amongst the galaxies!

What we DO OFFER, are well researched, intricately practiced and intellectually-scientifically-intuitively blended Processes, Methods and Internal Technologies, curated out of our immense treasure-trove of VEDIC & MODERN CONSCIOUSNESS SCIENCES, ANCIENT EASTERN WISDOM AND YOGIC TECHNIQUES.

SHOONYAMS’s Transformational and Applicable modules are simple enough to seamlessly blend into ‘urban and modern’ lives; yet implosively potent to guide you naturally into that Balanced and Blissful Whole Existence!


  • Offer Seekers a Wholistic Universe of Spiritual Life Coaching, Sacred Processes, Meditation, Immersions and Workshops.

  • Create a Family of Seekers who share, teach and learn with each other, helping each other’s Spiritual Evolution and Journey.
    We are all Seekers – those who guide or lead SHOONYAM Immersions, workshops and experiences, as well as those who participate in them. We surrender to the truth that, in conducting these experiences as facilitators, guides, teachers et al, we merely play our role. The purpose is to learn just as much from you, as you may learn from our communications.

  • Create accessible Soul Oases for urban seekers.

  • Translate relevant, Sacred & Mystic Wisdom, Practices and Sciences into everyday applications in modern lifestyles.

  • Offer Seekers the rare opportunity to experience varied Spiritual and Mystic Faculties.

  • Offer Wholistic options to those who seek Alternative, Sacred Healing and Therapy, making Wellness a matter of Body Mind and Soul. SHOONYAM strives to revive, reinvent and make easily applicable, rare and precious secrets from the vast ocean of our Ancient, Sacred and Vibrational Natural Healing Techniques.

  • Facilitate interaction and evolution with masters, mystics, healers, teachers, guides and experts of a vast trove of Spiritual and Mystic Faculties

  • Create Experiential Offsites, Retreats and Yatras that envelop you with Undiluted Sacred Energy at destinations identified as Active Sacred Energy Vortices on Earth.
    Many of these are organised in the lap of Mother Nature, in and around Mumbai, to facilitate recharge of our Divine Energy.
    Others take you across India and the world, to many known, and some rare, Sacred locales, secretly throbbing in ancient mountains, forests and coves.
    All our sojourns combine the physical experience of journey with powerful Immersions, SoulWork, Workshops and Sacred Sciences to open Yatris to the vital Energetic Journey Within.

  • Offer Coaching and Energy Guidance to those who are blessed with the Awareness of their own Intuitive, Spontaneous, Sacred or Mystic Abilities, assisting them to recognise, hone and employ their Awareness and Connectedness for a Higher Good.


The walls of separation between Science and Spirituality are melting every day. From trying to deny all that is Spiritual, Cognitive Sciences moved to trying to prove all that is Spiritual! And finally, we stand at that Brilliant Dawn, where the twain shall meet.

In recent times, the two most astounding Revolutions in Modern Physics were :



Well, Ancient wisdom has said this for almost as far back as collective human memory can trace back!

Ah! What exciting Times to be Alive in! When the Best of Science is blending with the Priceless of Spirituality and a whole wave of Conscious Awareness is sweeping the Earth.

SHOONYAM’s philosophy and offerings are inspired by the Lifeworks of Beautiful Minds all over the world, who are immersed in bringing to light the undeniable Osmosis of Science and Non Duality ( Spirituality, if you please )


Tapas Datta, our Science & Spirituality Mentor explains the need for Science or Reason based background to Spiritual / Wholistic / Alternative life processes and practices :

Let us look at the most Common Pain Points in our stressful, hurried modern lives, today. Illness or Ill health – the most obvious by product of modern lifestyles! For which we often seek alternative or wholistic solutions.

Everyone probably knows at least one family or friend who has/had diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s, other neural diseases etc...and most of these have no definitive cures yet. Diseases like cancer have chemotherapy drugs that leave super strong side-effects that can maim or kill the patient even after the disease is gone.

Consciousness Sciences Research, worldwide, is delving into the smallest scale or micro geometries inside our bodies to bring out the root causes and then design medications and drugs.

Telling someone to blindly do something to make his/her life better, versus providing a science backed rational knowledge on why they should do that something - has widely diverging effects… even on children!

At the same time Consciousness Sciences are recognising that The Micro Human Existence throbs in complete Rhythm with the Macro Cosmic Pattern of Things. That All Things and Beings that Are - Visible ( Physical ) or Unmanifest ( Thought, emotions, dreams, moods etc. ) are Connected and in Communication with each other through Vibrations. All Existence Is because of this Vibration.

Yoga, meditation and alternative healing and medicine therapies are imprinting preventive and curative signatures in the human body!


ÃdiYogi and ParÃdyãShakti

Utthishtha Shambhu, Tava Süprabhãtam
the Waking of Lord Shambhu ( Shiva ) is the moment of our Dawn

Beyond the limitations of physical, social, ritualistic or demographic definitions, we begin this Sacred Journey in the Light of That Infinite Guidance. We bow to the Adi Guru and His Shakti.
ShivAsti. Shiva Is.

Anoopama Mukerjee Lohana – Founder

Spiritual Life Coach, Sacred Energy Healer, Mystic Artist & Writer and Lifelong SeekerStudent

“I am not a teacher or guru. Like you, I am but an Aspect of The Cosmic Infinite; A lifelong student of That Divine. Sharing my Healing and Spiritual revelations with as many souls as I can is not a vocation. It is my dharma; my soul call.
I know that together, on this Blissful Journey, we will rediscover, learn and teach each other how to remain connected in every moment of every breath;

and in the Silence between.

Our Ancient Sciences and Yogic Technologies are goldmines of WellBeing! All that I Learn and Experience, I offer to you, for, I know, once this Vital Essence Wthin our Being is aligned and grounded, everything else around us just has to fall in line.
So, Go On! Be Infinite.”

Born into generations of Spiritual leanings, Anoopama drew early influence from her Vedanta scholar mother, Meena Mukerjee. The Call of The Guru, Pravrajika Mokshaprana ji, came at the age of twelve, when one afternoon The Guru softly smiled and announced that she was ready for dikshã ( initiation into a spiritual order by the Master). Just like that!

Her flight in the Infinite Sky of the Divine had begun.

A Literature, Journalism and B School alumni, Anoopama was a creative writer at Ogilvy & Mather before founding and managing a successful event management company for almost two decades.

The last ten years guided her to delve passionately and surrender deeper into Consciousness & Sacred Studies – both Scientific and Experiential. She poured herself into the study of Isms, Philosophies, Religious Histories and Sacred Systems from around the world, through the centuries, without discrimination or judgement. For the Pure Knowledge they all have to offer.

Cosmic Realms, Soul Processes and Healing Energies began to be revealed to her through Meditation and Divine Intuition and The Energies guided her to Counsel, Coach, Heal and Evolve many lives through these years.

Anoopama’s Journey is now dedicated to translating the gems of Wholistic Wellbeing that she is continually blessed with - through both, her relentless intellectual pursuits as well as through Absolute Surrender and Experiential Realms - into applicable modules for the modern urban.

She lives by the Light of “ The Only Way Out now, is to go Deep WithIn…” and SHOONYAM is her expression of wishing that everyone has the birth right to live this truly Abundant and Wholistic life.

SHOONYAM’s Founder bows in reverence to Renaissance Saints, MahaAvataar Babaji, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Ma Sharda, Swami Vivekanand and Paramhansa Yoganand for their Presence, Grace and Guidance throughout her Journey; Scholar Saint, Pujya Swami Dayanand Saraswati ji for igniting an unquenchable thirst for Knowledge; Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev for constantly keeping her Alive to the Sheer PulseEnergy and Exhuberence of the Divine ; her KarmGurus, Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati ji and Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati ji for the inspiration of Action in Surrender; The many Cosmic Energies, Mystic Masters and Saints who bless her Journey; Scriptures, books and lectures; and finally, Spontaneous memories of learnings from past lives and realms.

Yet, through it all, her Soul has Known, that her ParamGuru, for Ever and Infinity, is her Ãdi Yogi, ParãShiva.

Anoopama’s Healing and Coaching Offerings include:

NaãdSpanda Healing & Meditational Journeys through Sound Baths, Cosmic Rhythms, Beats & Vibrations
An Energy and BreathFlow based Healing & Rejuvenation Therapy that combines Sacred Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls, Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and Alloy Gongs ~ individually crafted and handpicked for their resonance with Chakras and Our Endocrinal & Subtle Energy Systems.

Anoopama blends these Sacred Sounds with Chants, MahãMantras, Seed Sounds ( Beeja ), Shlokas and Scientific Beats played within Grids of Rare Crystals, Minerals and Gems, gifted from the womb of Sacred Mother Earth.

The Vibrations of Sacred Healing have lived for centuries in these Living Bowls and Musical Instruments.

They been created over millions of years within these Crystals that Anoopama handpicks and sources from ancient sites, mostly in and around the Lofty Snowlines of the Himalayas ~ Mountains Who are revered as the most Vibrant Repositories of Deep Sacred Vibrations and Spiritual Energies.

ShivaShakti Siddha Healing
A Meditational Energy Healing for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness.

CHAKRA LIFESOURCE© Healing the Body, Breath, Mind, Soul through Kosha -Chakra – Nãdi – Prãna –Aura Reading, Cleansing, Alignment, Awareness, Mindfulness, and Empowerment;
This healing and therapy invokes PrãnaChakra BreathFlow, Yogic Asanas, Mudras, Bandhas with Crystals, Beej or Core Mantras. These Ancient Sacred Techniques are already accepted by modern Sciences as directly impacting our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Pratham Naãd Meditation Journey to Your Cosmic Source - for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness An immersion that is a direct revelation of The Cosmic All, PRATHAM NAÃD leads your Consciousness, gently, methodically, and safely to its Highest Cosmic Possibility. Break the limitations of your old soul bonds, karmas and lifetime imprints. Recognise and activate your Ori’Gene’ and embrace a life that is Magnificent, Limitless and Abundant in ways you could never imagine. For once you are wholly and completely your True Cosmic Self, Nothing is impossible. And Everything is Bliss.

ParaadyaShakti Chanelling The Divine Feminine or Goddess Energy
Yogic BreathFlow, Asanas, Mudras, Meditation and Chakra Energy Awareness and Activation. Although, this seems like a primarily ‘ Women’ Specific Module, we must remember that the Masculine and Feminine Energy dwells within all. Everything that is Expressed or the Doing Energy is the Divine Feminine Manifest. Everything that is Thought and Action, All that is Productive and Creative is the Divine Feminine Manifest. So How many Men out there are Man Enough to Recognise Her Within?

Anoopama is the Founder and only Practitioner of this powerful and comprehensive Sacred Science of Space Clearing and Activation for residential & commercial spaces. A System manifested in meditation and formulated with years of study and scriptural understanding to create Consecrated, Sanctified, and Energised living / working spaces with no structural changes.

Dr. Neha Seth, a Wholistic Homeopathy and Natural Remedies Specialist in Mumbai and Anoopama have combined their Scientific and Sacred backgrounds to create
SÓMA – MOTHER EARTH ELIXIRS - for the first time in India, Crystals, Gems, Sacred Sounds and Herb Energy Waters & Oils.

SHOONYAM is Anoopama’s Soul Offering to Ãdi Yogi, Shiva and to every co traveler on this Divine Journey of Life.

Dr. Neha Seth (MD)

Homeopath and Wholistic Medicine Specialist
Founder - Saamarthya Speciality Clinics

“Mainstream, modern medicine is undoubtedly a brilliant phase in Mankind’s intellect and health management. Yet, it usually, only treats symptoms, not the root. The whole person in their Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Energetic BeingTotality is not addressed. Homeopathy and Natural, Alternative Medicine Heals Inside Out …and healing empowers!”

Dr. Neha Seth, M.D. is a graduate from Bombay University & has been practicing Homeopathy since decades in Mumbai, India, having successfully treated more than 9 lakh patients till date.

She has facilitated, monitored and established Homeopathic and Natural Healing Practices across the globe and in the remotest interiors of India.

Dr. Seth strongly believes in Prevention is better than cure. Through her tireless efforts, she has been successful in implementing a preventive program for patients which boosts the functioning of the immune system of the body, thereby nipping the escalation of the disease process in the bud.

A consultant to various corporates as well as government bodies she has designed holistic healing programs for employees of several prominent organizations.In addition to her own private clinics, she is a consultant at Saifee Hospital, Mumbai.

Homeopathy, Natural Healing with Plant & Floral Essentials Extracts and Wholistic Wellbeing is a passion and a mission for Dr. Seth. She has appeared several times on national television and shows on Zee, Doordarshan and Star TV. Her weekly columns in the local media are aimed at creating this awareness.

Dr. Neha Seth is SHOONYAM’s Wholistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach and Co-Founder of SÓMA – MOTHER EARTH ELIXIRS™ . She brings the Light of her vast Experience, Knowledge, Study and Keen Intuition to guide us to Complete and deep Wellness. The route to Deeper Spiritual Realms, after all, begins with a Vibrant, Healthy and Wholistically Healed Physical, Mental and Emotional BeingTotality.

FACULTY – Masters, Guides, Teachers

Namaskaar from Your Sacred Family of Awakened Coaches, Masters, Teachers and Guides of varied Sacred Paths; All of us on One SoulJourney to The Source.

We bring our energies together to offer Seekers empowering workshops, sessions and programs that channel us to Learn, Evolve and Transcend to our Highest Possibility in Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul.

Like you, we are all contemporary, urban citizens and hence understand the importance of developing a Balanced, Easy to adapt, Wholistic and Aware life within the personal and professional realms of modern city living.

We bow to all of you who are part of this Journey, for we shall learn from you as much, and at times more, as you may from our experiences and sãdhana.

May this Journey take each one of us to our Completion.

Tapas Datta

Consciousness Studies Expert and Lifelong Student
Science & Spirituality Mentor

"The walls between Modern Sciences and Spiritual Evolution are thinning every day.

As we delve deeper into the Cognitive and Non Cognitive Sciences which pursue That Which we Know as Consciousness, the Higher we reach in the acceptance of an Infinite Source of All That is.

The Frontiers are merging and the Whorls of Scientific Pursuits of Consciousness are leading us unto that Vast Understanding of Spiritual, Vedic and Cosmic Applications. And when the two walk hand in hand, within the ever evolving Intellectual Realms of Human Understanding, we arrive at a wonderful confluence! One that can, and will, wonderfully empower our body, our mind and our spirit to live a Wholistic Life."

Tapas’s Journey spans the osmotic Oceans of Consciousness Sciences and Spirituality.

Through his growing years, Tapas was greatly influenced by Swami Vivekananda’s philosophy and Spiritual pragmatism. Especially the Application of our Ancient Philosophies and Sciences to daily life, that Swamiji advocated.

A hard driven Science Man, he completed B. Tech (Hons.) in Electronics Engineering from I.I.T. Kharagpur, and M.S. in Computer Engineering from University of Notre Dame, USA. Tapas’s career saw him brilliantly master Microprocessor and Networking designs (silicon chip design) for 24 years in The USA and then, in India (Intel, Sun Micro, Wipro etc.) where he pioneered complex computer designs and VLSI technology in Bangalore in 1994. Tapas was pivotal in the birth and proliferation of Chip design technology in India.

He currently holds 4 US patents on innovations in chip design, authored several academic papers and won International Computer design award (IEEE ICCD 1989 Best Architecture).

It was this excellence in Scientific ‘ Intelligence’ and Configurations that, like most Science Masters, drove his Spiritual inclinations into something beyond the physical structures of Science!
This merging of two Great Faculties drove Tapas to pursue a serious study of Indian spirituality, world religions and philosophies.

In the last twenty years, Tapas was drawn into the Great Mysteries & Revelations in various Faculties that are engrossed in the Convergence of Science and Spirituality. Has been attending conferences, interacting and brainstorming with eminent Scientists and Scholars of Consciousness Studies and studying multi-disciplinary Science subjects.

Tapas has presented a paper at the Science and Nonduality (SAND) 2014, and has been invited to present another at SAND 2016. He has participated in “The Science of Consciousness” International conferences since 2014, and NIAS International Consciousness Conferences in Bangalore since 1997.

Currently on an indefinite sabbatical from his Corporate career, Tapas has committed his life to his Passion!
For the last 8 years has been volunteering for SVYM and Prerana charitable NGOs for the development of school and college education amongst under-privileged children.

He offers short term courses and workshops in Consciousness Studies and Student Career search.

At SHOONYAM, Tapas brings with him an ever growing, ever expanding Quantum of Scientific Understanding and Knowledge that add an intellectual palatability and base for many of our Wholistic and Transformational Modules.

Pieter Weltevrede ( Holland )

Sacred Master Artist & Guru

" how can i sign these paintings when i Know that it is not I who paints them. Well, i sit with paint and brush and silk indeed, but what emerges after weeks of this sadhana is the doing of a Higher Power ... they are all very much there, the devas, the goddesses, Shakti and many many more beings from other layers..."

Pieter Weltevrede is a Dutch master artist and an heir to renowned Spiritual Artist and Guru, late Shri Harish Johari.

From his Guru, Pieter learnt and mastered the rare Harish Johari Silk Wash Technique of painting.

Years of living with an Enlightened Master in service and learning, and, more importantly, surrender, evolved the trained sociologist into an awakened and superlative Sacred Artist.

He and his wife, Geva, spend months in India, each year, guiding and teaching through Immersions and Workshop Retreats. At SHOONYAM, we are blessed to host them.

Tara Maniar ( Winnipeg, Manitoba )

Wholistic Life Coach

" When we live every moment with love, peace and joy, we become torchbearers of peace to create a more peaceful being. This can lead to peace in the family, peace in the workplace, peace in the community, peace in the city, peace in the nation and eventually, peace in the world."

Tara's Shakti and exuberance brings to SHOONYAM her passion, wisdom, intuition, honour and compassion to a heady offering of workshops and individual sessions.

Exclusive and Life transforming Workshops, Programs and Retreats with Tara include:
- Chakra Dance
- Finding Peace in the Chaos
- Co-Create Your Life
- Your Path to Optimal Wellness
- Embrace Your Spirit

Anshu Tiwary

Tarot Reader and Sacred Healing Mandala Guide

" i wouldn't predict your future, but i can help you reach your goals and bring clarity to your minds..."

Anshu is a Tarot Reader and Sacred Healing Mandala Guide. At SHOONYAM, she invigorates the minds and souls of Seekers with eclectic workshops and Journeys filled with form and colour.

Her immersion with the Sacred is as natural as breathing and she is here to show us how!

Janak Vadgama

Drum Circle and Sound Vibration Healing Facilitator

.”When you love what you do so much the barriers obscuring the concepts of profession, emotion, commitment and love fade away leaving behind only joy and satisfaction”.

Life to Janak is a pursuit of excellence. A hotel management graduate, who likes to live life one stage at a time; savouring a plethora of experiences. In the past eight years, he has lived in seven different cities on 2 different continents and excelled in six different vocations in the service industry, right from business development in a multi-national media house to working with waste collectors for an NGO. Today he can proudly say that he has found his calling at Taal Inc.

Varun Venkit

Sound, Vibration and Music Practitioner, Clinical Psychologist & Master Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner.

" Come. Drum. Be One."

Varun, Founder Director, Taal Inc. - took to the drums very young and never looked back. Growing up, he did dabble with thoughts of becoming a doctor, chef and joining the army. But in the end, valuable guidance (and good sense!) prevailed and Varun pursued clinical psychology along with drumming. He is now a published psychologist, master neuro-linguistic programing practitioner, a drum kit player, percussionist and drum circle facilitator. His aim is to marry his two loves: rhythm and psychology,

" It is GENESIS ", he quips.

Komal Agarwal

Family / Systemic Constellation Therapist & Pranic Healer

“ Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, but our roots keep us together. We all exist in a system, network or group - be it the universe, planets, continents, countries, cities, companies, teams, families. The system we belong to affects and rules our life, as we are part of it. Like the ElectroMagnetic Field, there is another Field of Energy exuded by every manifest existence – people, plants, things, spaces. This is called the Morphogenic Field - an energetic blueprint; you can call it the master server or Collective Consciousness.”

Komal has 13 years of experience with human behaviour, sociology, understanding culture, etc. She is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Systemic Constellation Facilitator, Intuitive & Pranic Healer and Behavioral Counsellor certified from California Hypnosis Institute of India.

Her own journey of self realisation, helps her to simplify spirituality and empower people, to use it in day to day life, to resolve their issues.

She brings to SHOONYAM, her expertise of Systemic/ Family Constellation – a therapeutic modality founded by German Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. These Immersions and Workshops deal with the energy genealogy or psycho-genealogy of a person, working at the roots.

This is a trans-generation therapy that delves across generations and finds the root cause for blocks, ailments, hurdles and negative manifestations in life and empowers you to resolves it.

Sarikah Rai

Sacred Soul Guide, DJ & Spirit Musician

“Change has to come from within. we are not alone; there is Divine guidance , support and help surrounding us all the time; not just in our physical world but in different forms and dimensions. But we must be open and willing to help ourselves”

Sarikah dons many beautiful hats; and wherever she lays them is home !

A multi-dimensional being, she dances to her own rhythm and follows her own Supreme Bliss.
Her professional journey began as an advertising copywriter, moving on to being a producer/ RJ for a popular Radio station and then to music production with an Indian Record Label. The call of music took over and in 2000 she finally plunged into the crazy world of music , dance and DJ’ing.

It was at the same time her Spiritual quest began.

Music has always been her SoulCompanion and deepest love but now she feels Called to continue her Journey into the non-physical . Sarikah is inspired and passionate about change and transformational work towards personal wellbeing and Soul Growth.

The Cosmic Energy of ShivaShakti brought her and Anoopama together through Art, and SHOONYAM became their shared Expression of The Sublime.

Sarikah is also the creator of Psynetra, an e portal for psychedelic and visionary / para-dimensional artistes and expressions.

She brings the Light of her Personal Energy and the Mystic gift of her signature Meditations and SoulWork Processes to SHOONYAM.

Darryl D'souza

Spiritual & Alternative Therapist & Alchemist

“ The Power to Heal and Live fully is not without but Within You! So Live. Fully.”

an Industrial Engineer by profession, who, after 17 successful years of service, chose his present avatar of Therapist & Alchemist - a role actually took 22 years in the making!

Secretary of The World United – Doctors’ & Healers’ Association, he has formulated an Integrated Model of Healthcare that is being promoted in some cities in India.

He is the editor of their monthly E-Magazine CMSE (Continued Medico-Spiritual Education) An Evolved Spiritual teacher, he had his first awakening with visions of the future (our present time) and the part he would play in serving humanity during ‘The Shift of The Ages’.

SHOONYAM co creates with him to offer workshops, Retreats and Programs for individuals and corporate groups about universal spirituality and brotherhood, and the unifying and collaborative aspect of consciousness. Bringing out the Highest Potentials in all aspects of Life and Lifestyle.

Pradeesh Raj

Yogi, Master and Guru - Shakti Yoga

“ Yoga is a Path to your Inner Core. By perfecting its physical aspects, one must be willing to be led, naturally, into the deeper layers of the Soul”

Shakti Yoga, is a process of understanding and transforming the body, mind and soul; helping one to be aware of the inherent power of oneself (Shakti), and use that with awareness to reach the ultimate state of tranquillity.

The affable Yogi leads various curated Workshops and Retreats that combine Yoga & Meditation, Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Pranic Healing; Ayurveda, Diet and Nutrition, Martial arts and Movement, Massage and Bodywork at SHOONYAM.

Farida Dariwala

Access Consciousness® & Reiki Facilitator and Practitioner (Pets included), Angel Medium, Hypnotherapist and Crystal lover.

“ Each one of us is INFINITE. Heal together. Healing through me, through you.”

A Light Beacon who, in her own words, is a student and lover of life, a connoisseur of the ‘Spirit’; who laughs till her jaw hurts; dances like a prima donna; paints, sculpts, moulds....

... believes that The Cosmos is where anyone can touch base with their inner self.

Farida brings the Light of her Awareness to life transforming and healing sessions and Retreats at SHOONYAM.

Scherry Commissariat

Tarot Reader & Spiritual Channel

" Mine is a totally 'natural gift' that I was helped to develop over time......"

mother to two beautiful children, Scherry "LOVES" working with kids & adolescents. She is an Intuitive Tarot Reader, Channel for Goddess Kwan Yin & Medium since the past 20 odd yrs;

" Its a totally 'natural gift' that I was helped to develop over time......" she quips.

Scherry brings the experience and knowledge of Tarot, Crystal Healing, Connecting with Spirit Guides & 'VIBEFORCE MANIFESTATION' and Evolved Full Moon Meditations & Manifestation meditations