विस्मयो योगभूमिकाः

Vismayo yogabhūmikāḥ

The rapture of
is but the prelude
to Cosmic Mergence

‘Yoga’ means Union or To Merge ( metaphorically, with the Divine ) . Karma Yoga. Gyan Yoga. Bhakti Yoga. Kriya Yoga. Naad Yoga. Dhyaan Yoga… The innovations and interpretations are innumerable.

Yet, Yoga is not merely about the breathing, holding, extending, bending, twisting into impossible postures. It is really about growing, aligning, balancing, evolving into your most Natural State of Being - The State that is naturally Divine.

It is not just about what you practice, on the mat; it is who you are becoming, on the Inside.

Your entire Journey of Life, every action, thought and imagination, is your Yoga. And its Secret is about Living every breath and moment in Absolute awareness of your BeingTotality!

Our Immersions & Workshops have evolved through years of Sãdhana and Practice by Spiritual Life Coaches, Healers, Teachers, Masters and Practitioners from India and various parts of the world.. Their combined energies have structured various mystic faculties into Life Transformational Workshops and Processes. Each Program, offered to you by SHOONYAM, is an immersion into That Blissful Yoga of Life.

A Strand that reconnects every aspect of Life to its Highest Potential of Wellness, Wellbeing, Success and Abundance.

Our Immersions & Workshops, Programs and Retreat are scheduled regularly across Mumbai and the country. Apart from the Signature Immersions & Workshops you see here, we curate many more exciting, unusual and enriching Sacred Sessions from amongst a myriad Mystic & Sacred paths, arts and crafts, throughout the year.

Most may be experienced as both, group sessions and personalised one-on-one modules.


Each Workshop mentions a group / attendance size and duration as reference only. We are definitely open to working with you, or your organisation / group, to customise every offering to your time availability and group size.

Sacred Immersions & Workshops engage your entire existence, at micro and macro levels; transforming and evolving you from the inside out. We do believe that one embarks on such experiences not merely by one’s own calling but because they are meant to, by Cosmic Plan. It is important, however, to follow certain preparatory discipline in body, mind and soul, so you may maximise the experience and benefits. Hence please refer to recommended guidelines and pdfs wherever mentioned.